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Are you searching for a USA Schnauzer Rescue Organization?

There is quite a large number of rescue groups in the USA.

This is both good and bad. On the one hand it means there are a lot of devoted people who care about these dogs, the rescue centers are manned by dedicated volunteers who give up their time to help rehome Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers.
On the other hand it also means there are a lot of abandoned Schnauzers out there

Before you go ahead and contact one of them, have a read of our main page on Schnauzer Rescue. This'll give you an insight into the pros and cons involved in adopting a rescue schnauzer -
Schnauzer Rescue - the Facts.

USA giant schnauzer rescue dog

It IS a big commitment for all involved. Here are a few of the points to consider before taking on a rescue:

*Schnauzer adoption is NOT a cheap way of getting a purebred dog and shouldn't be viewed as such. It could cost you several hundred dollars. You'll have adoption fees to pay and often vaccination and veterinary bills as well as worm and flea medication and spaying or neutering. Make sure you're aware of the full cost.

*Schnauzer rescue dogs may not be suitable for families with young children. The dog may be jealous of the attention given to the children or may not like being handled or teased a lot - especially at first.

*Many rescue dogs have had difficult lives. You need plenty of TIME to help them to rehabilitate.

*Some rescue Schnauzers have initial problems with housebreaking. Others may need socialization training with people as well as other dogs.

*If you are serious about adopting a Schnauzer you may have to wait until a suitable dog comes up.

*It is not just the dogs that are screened! You'll probably have to undergo a screening by your chosen Schnauzer rescue organisation to make sure you can provide a suitable home. You might have to provide references too.

Hopefully, you will pass any tests with flying colours, but it's best to be aware of possible drawbacks at the outset.

Good luck.

We've carried out a lot of research and contacted many USA Schnauzer Rescue groups so we're now able to provide you with a comprehensive list of Schnauzer Rescue organizations or invividuals in your area.

Wherever possible we have added specific contact details. Just click on the links or call the person listed for more information:

Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue
We have a great shaggy dog story from Julie of Valley of the Sun about the rescue of Giant Schnauzer Ceasar and a million-to-one coincidence at Ceasar's Incredible Story

Arizona Schnauzer Rescue

California (Southern)
Southern California Giant Schnauzer Rescue

Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc

Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc

Chicago Miniature Schnauzer Club

Indiana (South)
Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption

Kansas Furever

Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption

Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana. Shanna Little, Walker. (225) 791 4808
Colleen Mooney, New Orleans.

Schnauzer Paws Rescue
Covers Massachusetts and the whole of New England.
contact: Shelly Graziano

Wanda Loreck, Webster. (508) 949 2012.

Michigan (South)
Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption

Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc

Diane Armstrong (406) 443 6488.

Nebraska Schnauzer Network
Tamara Lafley (308) 254 4464.

Southern Nevada Schnauzer Rescue

New Jersey
New Jersey Schnauzer Rescue Network, Inc
also covers parts of the following States: NJ/PA/NY/CT/DE/MD/WV/VA

North Carolina
NC Schnauzer Rescue

Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption

Schnauzer Cincinnati
We are based in Cincinnati, OH, United States, but also have a branch in Florida and members in West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri.
Contact President Pat Miller
Phone: 863-258-7875

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue Northwest, Inc

Judy LaBelle, Pottstown (610) 326 9490

South Carolina
Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc

Schnauzer Love Rescue, Inc

Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of Houston
Karen Coleman, Houston.
Tel: 713-513-7811.

Looking to Rescue or Re-Home a Schnauzer?

Sorry, we are unable to re-home Schnauzers. But we do from time to time have people who contact us to say that, either they have a Schnauzer to re-home or, more likely, they are looking to rescue a Schnauzer after theirs has passed away.
If you are looking to rescue a Schnauzer in the USA or re-home yours, we recommend you contact the rescue organizations listed.
If you still have no luck, then post a request here. It may be seen by other Schnauzer owners who may be able to help.
Entering your submission is easy to do. Just type.
Please be sure to include the date at the beginning and your name (first names are fine), your town, state and then USA
Please state whether you are looking to rescue or re-home a Schnauzer.
Then write a few lines giving a few more details and an email address where anyone who might be able to help can contact you.
Bear in mind that it is always good advice not to post too many personal details on the internet. Just a few brief details are enough.
Your story will appear on a web page just as you enter it here.

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