Schnauzer Rescue

Happy Ending?

Are you thinking of adopting a dog from a Schnauzer rescue organisation?

There are many dogs out there looking for secure new homes. If you have the time and commitment, what could be kinder and more rewarding than adopting a poor, abandoned Schnauzer and giving him a happy, loving home for the rest of his life?

The answer is - not much! Every year many people in the UK, North America and in countries all around the world adopt a Schnauzer and the story often has a happy ending.

The Dog's Point of View...

But if you are serious about adopting a Schnauzer, then you should do so with the right motives and your eyes wide open.

If you're expecting a perfect dog, you could be in for a shock. Rescue Schnauzers can and do become wonderful companions. It all depends on you.....

How much time are you willing to spend with your new pet to help him integrate back into normal family life?

Think about the implications before taking on a rescue dog - try and look at it from the dog's point of view!

What could be worse for the unlucky Schnauzer than to be abandoned again if things don't work out between you?

Have You Thought About This...?

It IS a big commitment for all involved. Here are some points to consider before embarking on a Schnauzer dog rescue:

  • Schnauzer adoption is NOT a cheap way of getting a purebred or pedigree dog and shouldn't be viewed as such. It could cost you several hundred dollars - or pounds. You'll have adoption fees to pay and often vaccination and veterinary bills as well as worm and flea medication and spaying or neutering. Make sure you're aware of the full cost

  • Schnauzer Rescue dogs may not be suitable for families with young children. The dog may be jealous of the attention given to the children or may not like being handled or teased a lot - especially at first.

  • Many rescue dogs have had difficult lives. You need plenty of TIME to help them to rehabilitate.

  • Some rescue Schnauzers have initial problems with housebreaking. Others may need socialization training with people as well as other dogs.

  • If you are serious about adopting a Schnauzer you may have to wait until a suitable dog comes up.

  • It is not just the dogs that are screened! You'll probably have to undergo a screening by your chosen Schnauzer rescue organisation to make sure you can provide a suitable home. You might have to provide references too.

With any luck, you may not have to leap over many of the above hurdles, but it's best to be aware of possible drawbacks at the outset.

Still Interested?

If we haven't managed to put you off with all of the above..... Congratulations, you may be just the family or person that poor abandoned Schnauzer is looking for!

If you can't spare the time to adopt - and remember - adoption means forever, you might want to help rescue dogs in other ways.

Many rescue groups foster out the Schnauzers until a suitable home can be found. This is a shorter term arrangement than adopting for life - but still needs your commitment and patience.

Or you could be a fundraiser and help to generate cash to keep these very worthy rescue groups providing such a wonderful service.

After much research and contact with rescue groups, we can now provide lists for Schnauzer rescue organisations in both the USA and UK. Where possible the relevant contact details have also been added.

Follow one of these links for information about who to contact in your area -

US Schnauzer Rescue

UK Schnauzer Rescue

Before we go, we'd like to end on a positive note, so here's an amazing story and a million-to-one coincidence about a giant schnauzer rescue in Phoenix, Arizona - Ceasar's Story.

Read this fantastic story from Amy of Auroroa about Zippy, her 3-legged rescue Schnauzer cross: Zippy's Story

Good Luck!

Saving one dog will not change the world,
But it will change the world for one dog.

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