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Welcome & congratulations to you all, first for spelling schnauzer correctly & second for being interested in such an intelligent, loyal, affectionate and handsome dog!

If you're already an owner, you're thinking of getting one or you're just a good old dog lover, then you've arrived at the right place for professionally researched and written factual advice. We give free information about these wonderful pets and a place for you to share your pictures and stories with other schnauzer lovers.

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Max the Schnauzer

I became the proud owner of Max, a Miniature, over 7 years ago. (Or - as pointed out by a fellow fan - he became the proud owner of me!) He's brought so much joy to our lives that we wanted to share our love of this unique breed. Our site isn't just about Miniatures but also their big cousins the Giant and the Standard. It's the only international website for all three types.

We've got articles from Kevin and Sandie Cullen, owners of Philip the Giant, Supreme Champion of Crufts no less, as well as from rescue organizations, breed societies and other canine professionals. Our sincere thanks to all the experts who have contributed.

We want to hear from YOU and your dogs. This site is for Schnauzer and dog lovers like you and me. We've got some great pages where you can send us your photographs or tell us your favourite story and we will publish them on the website. If you've got a question, send it to us at FAQs and we'll do our best to help.

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You'll discover how to spot a good breeder, what to look for in a puppy, how to care for seniors (dogs, not relatives!), obedience training, how these dogs help pet allergy sufferers and a whole lot more.

If you're feeling really brainy, you can have a go at Max's fiendishly clever Dog Quiz, but I warn you - he's thrown in a couple of tough ones....!

If you're involved with a Schnauzer Club or Group anywhere in the world, send us a report of your activities and we'll include it in our News section.

P.S. Want to really know what these intelligent dogs are are really thinking? Check out Dog's Life, written by Max, and read all about his wild day out on the moors and other great adventures!

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The Schnauzer Handbook

The only manual for Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzer owners. Written by, with and for owners, this 251-page book with over 300 pictures answers your questions and is packed full of information and tips on how to look after your pet.

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Schnauzers in Art - read Robert Coane's fascinating research into Schnauzers who have been immortalized in paintings
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The Schnauzer Handbook is now on Amazon. Readers' choice. This five-star schnauzer book is the best and most informative on the market

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The Schnauzer Handbook

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"A wonderful, humorous, helpful book about Schnauzer. Detailed information on training, exercise, grooming, feeding, and much more. If you are considering the breed, this book is a definite must-have," B. Braun, Karlsruhe, Germany