URGENT!! Black mini needs new home, Yorkshire

by Luke
(Honley, West Yorkshire )

August 25th 2012
My family has a black miniature schnauzer called Ben. He is between two and a half and three years old and is a lovely dog.
Unfortunately, my mother has suffered a brain tumour and is no longer at home able to look after the dog. I am looking after him but I work long hours and I have had to leave him for 10 to 11 hours every day while I am at work.
We love Ben, but we need to find him a new home with people who can spend time with him. He is distressed at being left alone all day in a cage.
Ben is a lovely character and he has been neutered. One problem, he HATES cats and has attacked one.
We are looking for a home where people are at home to spend time with him, he has a lovely temperament, but does not like being left alone, he wants to be with people.
if anyone can offer him a good home, please contact me urgently as I cannot keep him much longer.
We live in Honley, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Please ring me if you can help.
My telephone number is 07837 122 979
Thank you
Ben Morgan

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Aug 30, 2012
Photos of my tw Schnauzers
by: Anonymous

Hi Linda and Max,
I tried uploading a cpl photo's of my girlz and I got a msg back saying I'd have to resize them as the photo/s were too large to upload. As soon as I can do this (soon) I will upload them.
Thank you so much,
Jennifer J.

WE look forward to seeing them, Jennifer - try saving your photos as smaller Jpegs if you know how, then put them on to the YOUR PICTURES section,
Schnauzerley wishes,
Linda and Max

Aug 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi Ben
I'm messaging you re your dog Ben. I have tried to call you but your phone is in available and won't let me leave messages.
I have been
Oolong for a young schnauzer to live with me, my husband and two young children. I am a stay at home mum so am about during the day.
I would be grateful if you could call me back please as I would like to find out more about little ben, assuming of course, you still have him! Thanks
Tel: 07789 773 806

Aug 27, 2012
Your black min. schnauzer - URGENT
by: Jennifer

Hi Ben, I know I'm a ways away, I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I have two min. female purebred schnauzers: the oldest - salt and pepper and the younger - pure black. They both velcro to me as I'm there everything. They also can not stand being alone so I take them almost everywhere I can. I bought each from a breeder. Unfortunate for me, two years ago I was in an accident and broke my right shoulder and fractured my jaw quite bad, it just doesn't want to heal. So, these girls now think they own me ;) as we're together ALL the time. They each have their cushions in the living room and their beds on the side of my bed, go figure. My girlz have never been in a kennel or a cage. We play out back in my fenced yard, they are totally obedient, very gentle matured even though some times they think they have to protect me and guess what....they both HATE CATS - Yeah!- as I have flower gardens. I'm on a dbl lot so there's lots of room for them to rip around. If you get this comment, and there's a way I can email you a photo of them you'd "know" they've been loved from the moment they became mine, each at 8 wks old... I love them so much and vise versa. Jennifer
Hi Jennifer,
We'd love to see youre two minis, how about posting a photo or two on our YOUR PICTURES SECTION here:

Schnauzerly wishes,
Linda and Max

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