Two Minis in Kent, aged 4 & 6, need rehoming together, Feb '19

by Tina

I have two Silver n Black, brother n sister aged 4 & 6
Names are Pepsi n Max
They are adorable dogs, loving, friendly n very intelligent. Love to be cuddled walked etc.
Reluctant to put up for adoption but our careers have changed and we can't give them the time n attention they require as having to leave them for long periods of the day which I feel is very cruel and breaks my heart.
They have papers etc passports as travelled abroad with us. Up to date on all injections etc. Been well looked after spoilt really like our babies (dog lovers will understand that)
I will not separate them, come as pair
Contact me if interested and wish to meet and can email a picture of them

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Aug 27, 2020
Any news?
by: Stuart Ewing

We have sent a private message via the email address.
Kind regards

Mar 12, 2019
We would love to provide a home for your two minis
by: Mimi Jardine

My husband and I are Americans living in France since 2015. In our former lives in Phoenix, Arizona, we were heavily involved with Valley of the Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue as one of their go-to mini foster homes. We fostered just under 20 Schnauzer and Schnauzer-like dogs over 7 years, adopting two of the older minis (one was 14 at the time of adoption). We moved to France with two suitcases, two cardboard boxes of stuff, two bikes, and two minis! We lost Courtney a year ago at the age of 15 and Willie a few months ago at the age of 14. I know it’s a long shot, but i thought I’d see if you’d be willing to consider us as the adoptive humans to your fur-babies. We are in our mid-fifties, active, with no children and tons of Schnauzer experience. We would be happy to meet you via Skype or WhatsApp to discuss further. And of course, if you select us, we would travel there to pick them up (or host you here in the south of France if you prefer).

Feb 26, 2019
Rescue the dogs
by: Sonia parry

I have a seven year old rescue girl snautzer and and a 12 year old big yorkie boy. Looking to take on more snautzer and they both sound brilliant. I am near the beaches and they have two walks a day. Sleep on my bed and have a huge garden. On anglesey, north wales.

Feb 21, 2019
Helping with rehome
by: Liz

Hi, I belong to a Facebook group whose members are all schnauzer owners. The group is based in Brighton but has members all over the South East. Would you like me to share the information of your two lovely schnauzers needing a home on the site?

Feb 12, 2019
Wishing you well!
by: Anonymous

Wishing you all the very is very brave to love so much that you give up such wonderful creatures because you feel they are missing out.
I am in deed looking for a Schnauzer and would lovingly welcome 2 if it weren't for the fact that we have a rescue Chihuahua already...I understand how important it is for your gorgeous pair to stay together and know that they will be found somewhere soon, that you feel befits them.
I do hope you receive up dates and can visit them.

Feb 11, 2019
by: Linda

So sorry to hear of your change in circumstances. Hopefully one of our experienced Schnauzer owners will contact you and offer your two lovely minis a wonderful home together.
Good luck, let us know how you get on.

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