Re Lubo the Standard pepper and salt schnauzer

by Jodenice

Lubo, 7, is back in Jerry Greens. He was rehomed but the owner he was given to tried to sell him on Preloved, so poor Lubo is back in the kennels and still looking for his forever home.

If anyone has experience of Schnauzers and looking to rehome a lovely boy then please click the link above. Experience needed.

Poor Lubo, he deserves a break. hopefully somebody out there will offer him a forever home -what is his personality like? Is he a difficult dog?

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Oct 04, 2014
Poor Lubo
by: Sharon

have you found him a decent home yet? I am a very experienced schnauzer owner. my Dudley dog was beaten and left in garage and he is now a confident loving boy but lots of time and patience and love was give by me to understand him. the first month I just sat 2 foot away and talked to him till he came to me (dog whispering).

Please update me as I wont be able to sleep tonight knowing this dog needs love and attention.

kindest regards sharon

Jun 27, 2013
by: Brian

Is he still available? we lost our rescue schnauzer recently and are very keen to fine another

Jun 04, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi I've been following Lubo with interest, may I ask how old he is please? as one site said he was 7 and another 4.

May 30, 2013
by: Inske

I can't believe how callous people can be, trying to sell a rehomed dog on!
When you say he hates cats, does that mean he chases them?
I have a mini that would love some company, but I also have a cat. So he would need to learn to tolerate the cat?
Incidentally, the mini is a rescue too. She was a puppy farm brood bitch before we saved her, and has made the most fantastic transformation over the years we've had her! Whoever is considering taking Lubo on will surely be rewarded for their initial patience.

Apr 09, 2013
re lubo
by: Jo

He will take his time getting to know someone, so patience and loving is required but once he knows you he is the sweetest most loving boy.

I mothered him too much, to the point where he was over protective and resource guarding me, not good for either of us! So he definitely needs someone who knows what they are doing and who has experience of the breed. Someone authoratative but kind. He needs boundaries. I provided unlimited love but I should have remembered he wasn't a child, he's a dog.

He likes fetching tennis balls, he has a fetish for soft plush toys (he sucks them until he goes into a trance!), he loves pigs ears, cuddles and sleeping in the sun. He is very clever and learns tricks quickly.

He hates tripe, getting dirty and cats. :)

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