Loving home waiting, Jan 21

by Jacqui

Good evening
I hope you don’t mind me contacting you. I am looking to become a mum to a miniature schnauzer and would prefer if possible to adopt a puppy especially as I have read how many puppies are being abandoned at the moment. I am hoping you may be able to give me some help or advice, I am an experienced dog owner who currently has a 10 year old Westie who loves other animals dogs and cats alike and I would like to add to my family if possible.
Very kind regards

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Jan 06, 2021

by: Linda

Hi Jacqui,
We don't have Schnauzers to rehome ourselves, we put people who have one to rehome in touch with those offering a new home. Hopefully somebody in your area will contact you if they are looking for a new home for their Schnauzer,
However, since Coronavirus, we are not getting Schnauzers that need rehoming as a lot of people are at home and have time for their dogs. However, I am hearing that that as of now, the beginning of 2021, that situation is changing and lots of dogs have started coming into rescue centres.
You can try The Miniature Schnauzer Club Re-
Home and Rescue Trust - contact Caroline Wareing on 01242 696 768.
Or Schnauzer Houzer on Facebook, who do a great job of rehoming Schnauzers of all sizes and are usually looking for potential adopters.
And the co-ordinator for Northern Schnauzer Rescue is Pamela Ciceri (based in North Yorkshire) Pamela.ciceri@btinternet.com They also help to rehome Schnauzers.
Good luck!
PS Add a comment with your email address and county so people can contact you if they have a Schnauzer to rehome.

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