Loving home offered for a Miniature Schnauzer, Glos, May 22

by Megan
(Gloucestershire )

I have very sadly had to say a tearful goodbye to my darling Jimmy who has just died of cancer at 14 years old. I feel that after my experience and care of him I am very capable of offering a loving home to another dog. They are such lovely dogs and if there is someone out there who feels at this time that life is very difficult please think of me where your dog will have the best care possible. Thank you for reading this.I live in Gloucestershire UK

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May 21, 2022
Looking for a VERY LOVING home for miniature schnauzer
by: Lucie

I have just seen your post regarding wanting to find a miniature schnauzer after losing your beloved dog.

We as a family are considering removing our lovely girl Tiggy.

She is a minature schnauzer i have all her paperwork. She's spayed and is 3yrs old.

We're considering rehoming her only because I feel we aren't able to give her enough attention, she couldn't be loved anymore but in regards to exercise and our time I feel it is lacking.

She is the most loving dog, not a bad bone in her. She lives with myself, husband, a 6yr, 2.5yr and a 8 week old and I couldn't have asked for a better dog with children not once showing any signs of aggression. She could play and run all day and is still very young, however, when given the right amount of exercise is very chilled and relaxed at home and would happily snuggle on your lap for hour's. She never barks when someone comes to the door, She isn't a nervous dog, loud noises, fire works, etc don't bother her at all.

She doesn't live with other animals, however, when she visits my sister who has a large poodle x Golden Retriever they are fine together. When out on walks she is more interested in people rather than dogs. She'll have a quick play with dogs whilst out but is happy exploring by herself. She has never shown any aggression towards another dog and never goes looking for trouble and is very quick to get out of a dogs way if she realises it doesn't want her near it. She Loves walks and running, not one for fetching a ball or stick on a walk but will play fetch in the garden.

She is quite yappy for a few mins when starts out on a walk, usually when she hasn't been out for a few days, again it's all in excitement and with some patience and training she would soon stop this. She's very clever and just needs the right training to get her walking better. She is quite bouncy when someone she knows visits something we are working on and with consistency this would soon stop. She does listen and does do as asked, shes just a very friendly dog and LOVES everyone.

So all in all she is a beautiful natured dog who just needs someone who can give her their time and a little bit of training in some areas.

I need to know she would be going to a home that will walk her, play with her, make her a part of their family, include her in their everyday life. She needs love as she has lots to give.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks


May 12, 2022

by: Linda

Hi Megan,
So sorry to hear of Jimmy's passing. 14 is a really good age for a dog, you must have taken the best care of him.
We don't have Schnauzers to rehome ourselves, we put people who have one to rehome in touch with those offering a new home. Hopefully somebody in your area will contact you if they are looking for a new home for their Schnauzer,
Since Covid, we are not getting many Schnauzers in need of rehoming as more people are at home and have time for their dogs. However, the situation is changing and dogs have started coming into rescue centres or are being advertised online when owners no longer have the time or money to keep them. If you do buy online, please check everything very carefully, THERE ARE A LOT OF SCAMS.
NOTE: on the internet/Facebook, Harrylucky7schnauzers based in Manchester is a SCAM. They are using the genuine Lucky7schnauzers an American breeder's photos and info. They ask you for a deposit of £400 then they will tell you their address (supposed to be in Manchester UK).
You can try The Miniature Schnauzer Club Re-Home and Rescue Trust - contact Caroline Wareing on 01242 696 768.
Or Schnauzer Houzer on Facebook, who do a great job of rehoming Schnauzers of all sizes and are usually looking for potential adopters.

Good luck,

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