Loving Home Needed for Pair of Miniature Schnauzers, Lancashire

(Lancashire )

May 22nd 1013
My wife and I have made the most painful decision of our lives and are now looking to re-home our pair of miniature schnauzers. Unfortunately they have never taken to our son who is 18 months old and we now have another baby on the way which doesn't bode for a happy environment for our dogs. Despite many tearful discussions, we are sure it's the best thing for the dogs as they are both fantastic and they deserve to be happier than they are now (although our son is very gentle they are very fearful of him).

We have a grey and silver male (5 years old) and a black female (6 years old). They are both pedigrees from KC registered breeders and neutered/spayed. Both dogs are very loving, completely house trained and very different in personalities but best friends together. The male dog loves cuddles and the female likes to play and is more energetic. Our female dog barks when people come to the house so is a good guard dog but she quickly settles down.

They both respond well to training with treats/food and have a good level of recall when out on walks. The female is particularly intelligent and enjoys training. They socialise well with other dogs when alone but not really when together as they tend to try to protect each other and that can cause aggravation although they have never fought with other dogs. What is lovely about them is that they are so perfect and happy with each other – they never ever fight and love to play with toys together.

Our dogs would ideally be suited to a home where they would not come into regular contact with children. The female especially is scared of children and will growl a lot (which seems to have rubbed off on the male too). This growling has not turned into anything more aggressive but it is obvious they are very uncomfortable when around children and despite doing some ‘confidence’ training involving our son they are clearly very unhappy.

We are based in Rossendale, Lancashire and our email address is saul.templar@gmail.com. Please get in touch if you are interested or if you have any questions you'd like to ask about our dogs.

What a terribly difficult decision to have to make. We wish you the best of luck, your pair of minis sound wonderful, we really hope you find a fantastic home for them

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Aug 15, 2013
by: Fran

I live nearby. I am looking to rescue mini schnauzers. Are they still looking for a new home?

Jul 31, 2013
re homming
by: Anonymous

Hi I was just wondering if your pair have found a home yet

May 23, 2013
Do Not separate them please
by: Michele

What a terrible decision you've had to make
but as your boy & girl have always been together
It would be Criminal to separate them. So I
sincerely hope that a family or retired couple
are able to re- home them both. I am sure that
they would pine for each other if they were separated
Good Luck. I know what you mean as I have
two boys and also of different characters.

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