Lovely home offered with another Schnauzer, Surrey, Jan 19

by Janet
(Gt Bookham, Surrey)

I live in Bookham, Nr Leatherhead, Surrey and a friend/neighbour of mine, who also owns a 10 year old Miniature Schnauzer, is looking to rehome another mini aged 2-6 years old, either sex. She would give it an extremely, loving, good and experienced home, but, very unfortunately, is not on email. Therefore, I told her I would help. I also have a much loved Miniature Schnauzer. Can you please help?
I look forward to hearing from you. She would be willing to travel to Sussex, Kent and London areas.

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Jan 29, 2019
Miniature Schnauzer looking for a loving home
by: Mrs Arnold


I have just read you post about your friend looking to rehome a Schnauzer.

We have had to make the very sad decision to rehome our beautiful Maggie, aged 3 (almost 4.)

We have had Maggie since she was was 10 weeks old, pedigree papers available.

Maggie is a fab little dog, completely clean indoors since 12 weeks old, fine to be left for short periods, very clever and never had any health problems, vet records can be provided. Spayed.

Unfortunately Maggie does not enjoy being touched unless on her terms and has developed a fear of my daughter which has led to growling (out of fear rather than aggression. ) Maggie can be nervous of people she doesn't know and won't be tolerate a stranger touching her and will squeal loudly if approached by someone she doesn't know. We know this fear came from some time spent with a family who she stayed with for 1 month whilst we were in America at the age of 1 year. I can give full details.

Maggie must be homed with a family without young children and with someone who will respect her boundaries and understand she is not a lapdog unless she knows you. She needs someone willing to take the time for her to trust you and preferably someone experienced of the breed.

Loves cuddles and fuss once she gets to know you, very loving but needs someone to take the time to build up trust. Whilst she does make it known she doesn't want to be touched she is not aggressive at all.

She doesn't enjoy the vet or groomer but is groomed regularly.

Loves walks, great off lead, enjoys a play!

Slightly fussy eater but I can discuss further.

Maggie is a brilliant little dog, so many lovely qualities but I'm so sad to say she just isn't compatible with children.

Has lived with another dog, they get on Very well and enjoy chasing each other round the garden!!

This is a very sad decision and must glibly go to someone who is willing to give her time.

Thanks again


Best wishes

Jan 28, 2019
rescue sites
by: Izzy

Hi your friend could try these rescue sites and you could also look at gumtree and preloved websites (as they still allowed to advertise pets)

based in wales but foster homes, including one in Berkshire, across UK -search under schnauzer for greater results

not far from you/ I think is

and they do lots of work for schnauzers through

try also and other local centres near you- good luck in your search

Jan 27, 2019
good luck
by: Linda

I am sorry, we don't have Schnauzers to rehome here, but we post the requests on our website and if somebody has a Schnauzer to rehome in your area, they will contact you. Good luck in your search.

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