Looking to fill the schnauzer-shaped hole in our hearts and offer loving home 25the Feb '23

by Jacki

Offering a very loving home to a MS after the loss of our MS girlie to osteosarcoma. We have a S&P boy Ralfie 10yrs old who loves other MS’s and people. Our Phoebe is sorely missed by both us and Ralfie. We are retired and on the coast in Norfolk, so lots of lovely walks by the sea. We cannot travel far so you would need to be fairly nearby, or would need to be brought for at least a couple of visits to ensure the dogs would be compatible. We do have visiting grandchildren 5/8/11/13 (who all have dogs of their own) so would need to be a child friendly dog.
Contact- Jacki Jacki5923@googlemail.com

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Mar 14, 2023
Thank you
by: Jacki

Thank you Linda, we will try those suggestions too and keep our fingers and paws crossed. ❤️

Feb 25, 2023
male pups
by: Izzy

just seen that there are 3 male pups at Many tears rescue


Feb 25, 2023
3 at Dogs Friends
by: 1zzy

Sorry to hear about dog- heart breaking when they leave too soon- there are 3 looking for homes on Dog Friends but might be too far away
good luck in your search


Feb 25, 2023
Very sorry for your loss
by: Linda

Dear Jacki,
Very sorry to hear of Phoebe's passing.
We don't have Schnauzers to rehome ourselves, we put people who have one to rehome in touch with those offering a new home. Hopefully somebody in your area will contact you if they are looking for a new home for their Schnauzer,
The situation is now changing Since Covid, and dogs have started coming into rescue centres or are being advertised online when owners no longer have the time or money to keep them.
If you do buy online, please check everything very carefully, THERE ARE A LOT OF SCAMS and puppy farms/people breeding for profit with little knowledge of Schnauzers.
You can try The Miniature Schnauzer Club Re-Home and Rescue Trust - contact Caroline Wareing on 01242 696 768.
The Schnauzer Club of Great Britain helps to rehome all three sizes. You can contact them online at https://www.schnauzerclub.co.uk/contact.php
And the co-ordinator for Northern Schnauzer Rescue is Pamela Ciceri (based in North Yorkshire) Pamela.ciceri@btinternet.com They also help to rehome Schnauzers and will have rescue contacts throughout GB.
Good luck,

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