Home offered in Wilts with experienced owner 02.04.17

by Diane

I have had miniature schnauzers for 25 years. Unfortunately I lost my big boy, Oscar, before Christmas 2016 leaving his best friend aged 10 years. Oscar was the main boy & I feel Otto would really benefit from a friend. Is there a dog out there that needs rehoming that may suit our family?

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Apr 25, 2017
Possible friend?
by: Jackie

Hi Diane,
I am looking for a good home for our miniature schnauzer Poppy. We rescued Poppy 7 years ago, she was a breeding bitch from a puppy farm. She had never been loved and was a very sad little dog. She's a much happier girl now! Poppy has limited sight and hearing, she also has some arthritis in her back legs. She is used to living with another dog but sadly our other dog died a couple of months ago. Since we got Poppy, for reasons unknown, she has always barked at our eldest daughter! There is no reason for this, simply a glimpse will cause a bark!!! Poppy doesn't do this to anyone else!!! She isn't frightened of my daughter, she just barks!!! My daughter is doing her GCSEs and as Poppy has got older the barking has got worse! To the point where she will bark continuously until I get her to stop! It really upsets my daughter and everything I have tried has failed. She's a kind and gentle little dog and she still loves her dinner and a walk. Let me know if she might be suitable for you. Jackie (jimandjacks@yahoo.co.uk)

Apr 03, 2017
friend for Otto
by: Izzy

Hi if you help a rescue then try some of these sites as I know they have minis - if not now but in the future




I hope you can find a friend for Otto- I have two and they do love each other

Apr 03, 2017
Pal for Otto
by: Linda and Max

sorry to hear about losing Oscar and good luck in your search. If you add a comment with your email address, people would be able to contact you directly.
Schnauzerly wishes, Linda and Max

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