Experienced loving home offered to mini, Darlingtonn May 22

by Colin
(Darlington, County Durham,UK)

Colin and Bandit

Colin and Bandit

I had a miniature Schnauzer that I got from a Schnauzer rescue in Wales. He lived to be around 16 years of age. I loved him and I miss him. I would very much like to give a good home to another miniature or standard dog.
I live in Darlington, County Durham, UK
Colin. 13/05/22 Email: berylguru@yahoo.co.uk

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May 26, 2022
P.S. Linda
by: Colin Harrison

I replied to your message above but stupidly omitted to add my name. Anyway, thanks for the information and I'm going to email the lady who handles the rehoming of dogs in the North East. Really grateful for your help. Colin.

May 26, 2022
Thanks Linda
by: Anonymous

Thank you VERY much, Linda. Thanks for the tips about scammers, as, if I can't locate a dog to rehome soonish I was thinking of trying to buy from a breeder BUT I much prefer to give a dog who needs a home a caring place to live and donate my money to the rescue instead so that they can continue their excellent work.

May 13, 2022
good luck!
by: Linda

Hi Colin,
Great photo! 16 is a great age for a Mini, you must have taken the best care of Bandit, who looked like quite a character.
We don't have Schnauzers to rehome ourselves, we put people who have one to rehome in touch with those offering a new home. Hopefully somebody in your area will contact you if they are looking for a new home for their Schnauzer,
Since Covid, we are not getting many Schnauzers in need of rehoming as more people are at home and have time for their dogs. However, the situation is changing and dogs have started coming into rescue centres or are being advertised online when owners no longer have the time or money to keep them. If you do buy online, please check everything very carefully, THERE ARE A LOT OF SCAMS.
NOTE: on the internet/Facebook, Harrylucky7schnauzers based in Manchester is a SCAM. They are using the genuine Lucky7schnauzers an American breeder's photos and info. They ask you for a deposit of £400 then they will tell you their address (supposed to be in Manchester UK).
You can try The Miniature Schnauzer Club Re-Home and Rescue Trust - contact Caroline Wareing on 01242 696 768.
Or Schnauzer Houzer on Facebook, who do a great job of rehoming Schnauzers of all sizes and are usually looking for potential adopters.
And the co-ordinator for Northern Schnauzer Rescue is Pamela Ciceri (based in North Yorkshire) Pamela.ciceri@btinternet.com They also help to rehome Schnauzers.
Good luck,

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