worried sick about my schnauzer, strange behaviour!

by Cheryl

Please help! My 3yr old male intact schnauzer started acting very strange. He stays outside, is unsociable and cannot sit or lay still for more than 5min.appears to be very uncomfortable. Is usually very energetic w/great personality. He eats ok, I'm in need of help, anybody please reply.

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Jul 06, 2018
Strange Behaviour
by: Dave


My Schnauzer had a similar problem a couple of years ago, he had problems lying down which was due to abdominal pain cause by Pancreatitis, this is very uncomfortable for the dog but as my dog was quite greedy it didnt put him off his food!

A quick trip to the vets got it under control and a change in diet helped reduce flare ups, I would however recommend taking it to the vets should he seem in any pain.

Hope he gets well soon!


Jun 28, 2018
odd behaviour
by: Linda

sorry Cheryl, without knowing more about the dog we are unable to offer advice, it could be anything.
He might just be off colour for a day or so -dogs have off days too.
Check over his body, feel for any bumps or anything different. Make sure he has plenty of water to drink and is not too hot.
If his symptoms persist for more than two days, there may be something going on inside him and I would definitely have him checked out by a vet.
Good luck.

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