Worried about Chloe

by Richard

We have a 5 yr. old miniature schnauzer that has several troubling traits. First of all we have to struggle to get her to eat dog food and yes we share our people food with her. (I know bad Idea)
Lately she seems to just mope around and acts like it is a chore to come to us to be held or petted, but when company comes over she is like another dog. She is so happy wagging her tail wanting them to pick her up. She loves going to the vet, she acts like they are her best friends. We take her to the vet. regularly and she has only 2 health concerns. They are both strange #1 x-rays show that her lungs are only about 1/3 capacity and that her heart is making a tap tap tap sound rather than the normal lub-dub sound, both puzzling to the vet.
Does anyone have any suggestions regarding the indifference she shows to me and my wife. Chloe has never been mistreated in all the years we have had her and we are saddened by her lack of love showed to us. Any suggestions???

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: How sad, Schnauzers are usually so loving and devoted to their owners. Do you play with her much? Maybe she is bored and needs more stimulation. Do you pet her much, as Minis usually love the attention? Try giving her more attention and stimulation, liven up her life a bit when she is with you. On the food side, whatever you feed her, just give it her twice a day in a dog bowl and if she hasn't eaten it after 15 or 20 minutes, take it up, throw it away and give her nothing until her next feed.
Good luck.

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