Won't street walk anymore

My 5 year old standard schnauzer "Boris" has suddenly stopped wanting to walk in our street. He's fine in the garden and car to go to a field but outside our house he literally has put his brakes on and will not be led anywhere. I know he's not ill or in pain, he is still the same as always inside the home, just will not be led on a walk down our street. Nothing ha happened that I am aware of to scare him, has anyone else experienced this? Could there be something I am missing or maybe just a very stubborn bog. I've believed that you should never pull or drag a dog to force a walk as this can do more harm but is he starting to rule me and actually clever with nothing actually wrong? Any tips would be appreciated.....I am missing my walks😟

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Dec 27, 2017
not walking
by: Linda and Max

This is a strange one, Maggie. If Boris is still happy to go elsewhere, it sounds behavioural rather than physical.
We would try tempting him with chicken pieces or some other favourite treat to encourage him to go with you outside the house.
Or try distracting him with a toy/ball as well as a treat to occupy his mind as well.
Have you got a friend with a dog who could come with you and the two of them walk outside the house?
Just a few suggestions for what is strange behavior - especially if you say he hasn't been frightened.
Good luck!

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