Will My Miniature Schnauzer Go Blind?

by andrew barrett

My dog a female minature Schnauzer 9 yrs old today(Cosmo) is diabetic taking 20 units of insulin daily. She as been diabetic for approx 6 months.Her eyes are becoming cloudy greyish in the pupil area and I can tell that she is loosing sight. Oterwise very active ( walks 5 times a week for one hr daily and not overweight. will my dog go completly blind? One other thing will this progress slowely and is a operation a option her being diabetic?

Andrew Barrett

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May 29, 2017
by: Abbierose

I have gone blind. I an Diabetic and is given 1 unit of Levemir twice a day.I use to walk 1 to 2 miles everyday. Now its down the driveway to the right next house and back. I can't run, I bump into everything. I cannot see so my Mom whistles to direct me. I have had diabetes now for close to one year and I turned 7 just this past march. I eat 1 cup of W/D every 12 hours. I get so hungry. My mom does the glucose curves on me. Sometimes they are in the high 2 to 300's.She knows when the sugar is low because I vomit a copious amount of undigested food.
I am sad, she is sad.But we both love each very much.

Mar 06, 2009
Miniature Schnauzer Diabetes
by: Anonymous

Hi Andrew,

So sorry to hear about Cosmo's diabetes, it must be a very worrying time for you. It sounds like, despite her problem, she is still very much enjoying life and her walks, which is the main thing.

It also sounds like you have recognized the problem early and got professional help and medication, which is very important. Whilst the insulin will not cure the canine diabetes, it will slow its effects down.

Unfortunately there is no cure or operation for canine diabetes. Once your Schnauzer Cosmo has been diagnosed with canine diabetes, it is all about managing the condition and maintaining Cosmo's quality of life.

Diet and exercise are important factors and thirdly spaying is also recommended for females that have not already been done.

Sadly, many (but not all) dogs with canine diabetes do eventually go blind. However, most of these dogs with loving owners continue to have very happy lives. The deterioration of sight is gradual and so the dog is continually adjusting to the world around her as it becomes less focussed.

If the worst happens and Cosmo does eventually become completely blind, she will have been used to living with increasing partial blindness for months or even years.

Continuing with your regular habits and walks is the best way forward. Cosmo doesn't know there is anything wrong, she will just carry on as normal, making one or two adjustments as she goes along.

Here are some useful links for further information:




Here is a canine diabetes forum:

Good luck to you and Cosmo.

With best wishes from Linda and Max

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