Why is my dog sleeping almost the entire day?

by Mayela fernandez

My dog just turned 1 year old in september so she is relativly young, i play with her for about 45 minutes every day and one we stop playing, she goes to asleep. When she hears a noise shes on alert and ready to charge. A couple of minutes later she goes back to sleep or scratches on the door so that she can use the restroom outside.she eats well and drinks alot of water. Shes really playful when she isnt asleep. Should i be worried if she is sleeping almost the entire day but when she isnt asleep shes playing?

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Jan 01, 2015
minature schnauzer different behaviour
by: Anonymous

i have a minature schnauzer who is very active and follows me around the house all day, I recently had visitors for Christmas and when they left she changed she just sit and look at me and lay around all day and sleep, what is wrong

Probably just tired with all the excitement

Nov 30, 2014
this is normal
by: Linda and Max

This is perfectly normal, most dogs sleep a lot, especially young ones and old ones

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