Why has she started chewing at 1 ?

by Stephanie

I have a one year old mini schnauzer. No problems with chewing inappropriately while she was teething because I provided a variety of chew toy choices. Just lately she has decided to steal and chew paper,envelopes and napkins which she will shred unless I catch her. If I do she will very proudly bring them to me in exchange for a treat. She is also gnawing on her food bowl and tearing apart her Kong bed. Could she still be teething, or is this just naughty behavior and how do I stop it?

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Nov 04, 2016
by: Linda and Max

She is a teenager, she is pushing the boundaries!
Keep her physically and mentally stimulated - play hide and seek with toys or other games, etc to keep her mind stimulated.
Also, keep training her for a few minutes every day to do simple tasks such as SIT and STAY, etc, with treats so she adjusts and accepts her place in the household.
Good luck!
PS long walks help to tire out unruly teenagers!

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