WHO'S ROSE - should I have her spayed?

by William OConnell

My initials are WHO and Liver colored mini Schnauzer"RosE" 6 months old,still teething
and starting to menstrate.The Vet wants $700 to fix.I've always had male dogs.She came to me after 90 day depression of my
Brussels Griffon(wolfman) passing away.She has the BEST of
everything. She will NEVER be out of my sight.There are so
many Pros & Cons on this operation. WHO do I believe?

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Apr 28, 2020
Check other options
by: Anonymous

$700. 00 is steep! Call around. There are discount spay and neuter clinics sponsored by cities or Counties. Try SPCA and Shelters.
If you have Emancipet or Vet schools around where you live, you can get good services that are affordable.

Apr 13, 2020
Happy Easter
by: Linda

Happy Easter to you too!
If that is the case, then there is no need to consider spaying her so young. You might want to look at it when she gets a little older to avoid the risk of Pyometra, which affects middle aged unspayed females.
I's probably wait until she is fully grown - at least 2 years old - before looking again at spaying.

Apr 12, 2020
complications can occur,
by: WHO'S RosE

That's what scares me the most. there are NO guarantees. The population here is under 3000.
She will never leave my sight.
Happy Easter to all

Apr 12, 2020
by: Linda

Hi William, Firstly, $700 sounds like a great deal of money to have a Mini Schnauzer spayed.
If you do decide to have Rose spayed, I would get a second quote from a recommended vet.
As she is your only dog, you don't have to have her spayed. She will come on heat every 6-9 months and during this time, you have to be very careful when she is out -she will have to be in your yard on on a leash as she will be a magnet for all the males out there.
If you do have her spayed, go to a reputable vet - and it shouldn't cost $700.
The vast majority of the time, spaying is a successful procedure, very occasionally complications can occur, as with any internal surgery.
Good luck.

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