When do Giants stop being puppies?

by Rebecca
(Fort Worth, TX)

I've heard that Giants are slow to mature, and while our girl is sweet and smart, she's got all the typical annoying puppy behaviors: chewing, playing too rough, moments of extreme hyperactivity, you name it. I recognize these as puppy behaviors, but when you have a 20-pound three-month-old, it can get old quickly! How long did your Giant's puppyhood last?

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Jun 21, 2018
Giant puppy
by: Linda

It can last for two or more years!!
Make sure she gets plenty of exercise (once she is a bit older, don't overexercise puppies or let them jump for frisbees or up and down on furniture, etc it damages their joints.
Play games with her to challenge her and tire her out.
It's important with a giant to teach her NOT to jump up, you can start training now, just a few minutes per day.
Try antler horns or similar for the chewing..it's normal!

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