What is wrong with my 9-week-old schnauzer?

My 9 week old schnauzer is not eating much and is throwing up several times a day, sometimes food is there and other times it is just liquid what should I do I have had him for 2 days

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Jan 24, 2011
your sick schnauzer
by: Delana

I have had 3 schnauzers. My first little angel got pancreatitis when she was 3 years old and had bouts of it all her life. I had to put her to rest at age 12 when her pancreatitis turned into diabetes which caused her to go blind with glaucoma, being so bad that her eyes were swollen to the bulging point and bleeding and I had to have bother her eyes removed. She lived the last year of her life without her precious little eyes. I gave her insulin shots every day. The throwing up with food or just liquid sounds like possible pancreatitis. Schnauzers are very prone to it. If they are getting too much fat content in their food it will cause it. And for certain milk will cause it. So if you are feeding your puppy human food or giving her milk or a high fat content food I would switch her to the Hill's prescription diet dog food. For pancreatitis they use the w/d formula. But since she is a puppy you might want to talk to your vet first and see what food would be best. After she has been sick for a while it is good to reintroduce food to her slowly. And to start her out on some boiled white rice, cooled, mixed with some low fat or no fat cottage cheese. This will usually set well with them. Good luck. I know what it is like to have a sick baby. I have wo more schnauzers now. My dogs are my angels. Delana in Oklahoma

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