Weight loss and possible doggie dementia

by Stacy

we have a 13 year old miniature Schnauzer that has lost 3 lbs since his last annual visit. I know it doesn't sound like much to us, but for our furry friends, it seems like a lot, to me. He's at 17 1/2 lbs. his eating habits haven't changed, to include his daily treats, which he still asks for :). Also, he will stand and just stare, at nothing, at times..at least a couple times a day. i call his name and he snaps out of it, but it's a little concerning, to me. He still is very smart and listens to commands, for the most part.
Has anyone experienced these symptoms and what were your findings?

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Sep 02, 2019
Watching my Schauzer ageing
by: May

My Schauzer has just turned 17 years old this August. Observed her slowly deteriorating. Noticed her staring into blank space more and more often starting from about 15+-16 years old. Her sight is also gradually deteriorating but she’s still active considering her old age. She still looks forward to her knibbles. That’s very comforting for me.. though she will only graze on your dry food as and when she wants to. Noticed her gradual weight loss as well as her not being able to get to her toilet in time. So she’s wearing diapers, which she’s not adverse to.. so am really Glad. She’s still greedy at times with food but will only eat what she likes. Her hind legs also start to give way lately.. so will have to help her up at times. I still bring her for walks. But will have to watch when she gets tired (ie. when she stops), and I’ll carry her alittle before letting her do her slow walk. However, am preparing myself if she’s no more enjoying any part of her everyday life or if she’s suffering, I will have to let her go.. but no preparation is ever going to be enough...
NOTE FROM LINDA 17 is a wonderful age and a credit to the care you’ve given your Mini.no, it won’t be easy when she goes, but what a wonderful, long life she will have had.

Aug 17, 2019
Doggy dementia
by: Anonymous

That is definitely a sign of doggy dementia and mine developed it too around 15 yrs old. He also developed vestibular disease which is also called old dog syndrome where there is seizure-like activity which is very upsetting for us owners.
Mine went on until 16-1/2 when i felt he no longer had a good quality of life. As Max's mum said, you will know.

Aug 16, 2019
by: Linda

Yes, Max spent a lot of time stating into space during his last few months before we had him put to sleep at home aged 13.
yours sounds like he is at the very early stages of his mind not being as sharp as it was. As long as he is eating -even if he is losing a little weight - and enjoying his walks, then he has a good quality of life.
If he goes off his food, add a little tinned food to kibble or switch to a bit of cooked fish or chicken and rice.
you know your dog best, you will know when he is no longer enjoying life - some Schnauzers live to 17 or 18.
Good luck.

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