Weeing when excited

by Ron Smith
(Bedfordshire )

My 14 month miniature schnauzer always wee’s indoors when friends and relatives visit.I think it is because she is excited to see people.If I get the chance when the doorbell is rug I put her out before people come in to the house and tell her to wee which she will do on command, I then let her in and she is ok. Any other suggestions when I can’t put her out when the door bell rings would be very helpful

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Oct 23, 2019
Submissive urination
by: Linda

This is called submissive urination and happens more often in some breeds than others and sometimes more often in females than males.
Try socialising her more, in a positive way, with more dogs and people so she becomes less excited.
Lots of dogs, eg some Spaniels, do this.
It is excitement, often from a timid dog, not a lack of housetraining.
Help her to become more confident generally.
Good luck.

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