We Want To Breed Our Female Schnoodle

by thomas

Please tell us all that we will need to know if we are going to breed.
What health conditions should the male have?
what age should the female be?
what age should the male be?
Does it matter if the female was unhealthy and full of ticks when she was a puppy even if she is perfectly healthy now?
Would you suggest that we don't try breed at all (we are very experienced with dogs, especially my dad)?
We are planning on breeding her with a poodle because more like her one parent (as you guys/girls said) , her mom who was a schnauzer.

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Oct 15, 2020
by: Linda

Hi Thomas,
There are so many things to know before breeding your dog.
Both Schnauzer and Poodles, therefore Schnoodles, can inherit eye problems, and other genetic issues. Have you done any genetic testing on your dog?
Has the stud dog passed genetic tests?
These would be my first questions.
Our advice to to try and find a mentor -somebody who is breeding HEALTHY puppies, You can also read The Book of The Bitch by JM Evans, available on Amazon.
I would certainly do tons of research before thinking about it. So much can go wrong.

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