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We just received an 18 month old male mini. He has been living outside. He is not house trained. We plan on training him to be a house dog. He has not been neutered. He keeps marking his terriority all over the inside of the house with little "sprays" of urine. Is this because he has not been neutered? Will he quit when we get him fixed? Is he to old to have him neutered?

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May 24, 2010
your male mini
by: Anonymous

Dogs are never too old to have neutered. He may possibly stop marking but there is a reason he is doing that. Do you have other animals? It may take some time to train him but please be patient with him and give him lots of positive attention and he will be the best dog you have ever had. We rescue schnauzers and have four at the moment, six dogs in all. Only once in a while we have tinkling issues and it's usually because of thunderstorms. Good luck!

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