Natural Schnauzer Skin Remedies

We receive many enquiries from people wanting more information on Schnauzer skin conditions and on how to keep a Schnauzer's coat healthy and shiny.

In response, we've sourced a collection of supplements, treatments and shampoos all made from natural ingredients. These remedies are designed to keep your Schnauzer's skin healthy or, if your dog has a problem, to treat Schnauzer skin conditions in a natural or homeopathic way.
All of these products are rated 4 or 5-star by customers who have bought them.

Use Coupon Code CJ15 to save 5% on your first order or Coupon Code CJ75 for a 5% discount if spending over US$75.
UK and Europe flag for Natural Dog Remedies This is a US company, we're currently in negotiations to provide similar remedies for our UK and European visitors.

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