Unknown mass growing on mini schnauzer's tail- HELP!

My cousin's dog is staying over for the night but I noticed this big mass that's hanging from his tail.
I don't know how else to describe it because I've never seen this before and I'm a bit scared to touch it or look more closely at it.
Has anyone seen this before or know what it is? Any kind of help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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Jun 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

My Mini Schnauzer MAX MILLION had the same absess. It didn't make sense because he's groomed twice daily, and checked daily for flea and ticks. His appetite is also outrageously excellent. His stool is perfect, and I brush his teeth once every two days. MAX is a fully licensed, Registered and Certified Service Dog. Since he's allowed on all airlines, grocery stores,restaurants etc...his hygiene must be 100% 'ON CUE'. As I mentioned in my ABOVE comment, keep the area clean and dry using hydrogen peroxide, and 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol. The combination makes an excellent astringent to ward off bacteria. Then dry he area quickly with a blow dryer instead of wiping off the excess. The layers of skin will begin to flake off causing the growth to shrink. REMEMBER after blow drying the absess area swab on baking soda with a cue tip. Apply the astringents with a swab as well. THIS PROCESS WILL WORK-IF- the growth doesn't bother your dog.The growth on Max is gone with only 3 weeks of this daily regimen. When bathing ensure you thoroughly wash all shampoo of the warted area. NO PERFUMES after professional groomings. NO CANNED DOG FOOD. You must remember the the machinery that makes the dog food products are cleaned with a disinfectant which more often than not is transferred to the canned dog foods. Allow your Schnauzer's tail fur to grow during this healing process. Simply have your dog trimmed but NOT the tail 'AT ALL'. This is essential since groomers clippers come in contact with countless dogs. Very few can truly LOVE their companion as much as I ADORE MAX. DO NOT DELAY, and whomever is having this problem with their Schnauzer or any dog will respond 'IN KIND' to a person/handler who knows a great deal about what is best for your dog. I have other health ideas for feeding that Vets simply won't tell you because if they did...YOU WOULDN'T NEED THEM, causing the vet to lose clientele. My name is Mahaleel. Thanks for reading.

Jun 05, 2012
My Mini Schnauzer 'had' the same problem
by: Mahaleel Luster

The growth/mass that appeared on your Schnauzer's tail 'IS' an absess due to his immune system being out of wack. You must find out 'is it a painful growth'. Yes, a trip to the vet should be in your future mix.
However, before you decide to possibly spend great amounts of money. Get your Schnauzer on high potency of mineral vitamins. Further, keep the area extremely clean using hydrogen peroxide. Simply apply it with a cue tip swab. This will start the absess to dry-out on the surface. Dry the area with a blow dryer. THEN apply baking soda with a swab to protect the area.
The vitamin supplements should drastically start the healing process internally. A condo/house dog's immune system can become stifled when your dog doesn't have an opportunity to develop warding off colds,and other bacteria dogs come in contact with daily.
An outdoor dog immune system is frequently tested and developed.
Give my ideas a few weeks BEFORE you go tothe vet to spend $$$$.

May 19, 2011
Poor thing....
by: Anonymous

Ive never seen this but a trip to the vet is a must!

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