Trimming Schnauzers

by Nicole
(Ft Riley, Kansas)

Hi. I have a grooming question. I groom my mini Schnauzer and I read online I should clip all hair the same length twice a year, in the summer and fall.
Is this true, and if so, does it serve a purpose?

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Aug 02, 2011
Grooming a Schnauzer
by: Michele

I also have a mini - schnauzer.. REBEL.. I strip him twice.. sometimes three times a year depending on his coat growth.. Schnauzers have 2 coats.. one soft and one wire.. the wire hair stops water from penetrating through to the skin.. the soft keeps him warm.. I think ?.. see " My Stripped Schnauzer.. Rebel.. as this is what he looks like when I have done him... the only clipping I do is his Head Chest & Ears.. and his legs get feathered with scissors... hope this helps you..

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