Trifexis side effects in schnauzers

by Am

I went to the vet to after having the heart worm test of course to check on heart guard. I was already using confortus to prevent fleas and my vet talked me into using trifexis. My 6 year old dachshund had taken the first dose and i noticed her acting a little differently. . . Lethargic, and some drooling.
Didn't think much of it since it was a hot august. Then one day after the second dose she was very lethargic, excessively drooling, breathing hard, dazed and confused, couldn't jump even though she seemed to want to, very depressed looking, and had to be picked up from time to time(i could tell she wanted to listen but didn't seem to want to move).
Got money back on day 2 talked to vet office. They had not heard of any such things, and did not offer and thing so i assumed since it was time release and fairly new id wait it out. She even disappeared for 5 days! Maybe too disoriented to find way back. She gained 7 pounds within that 2 month period. well several months later she had not improved nor had i heard anything i am treating a severe skin infection that showed up and seems to keep returning. she still has a hard time breathing and can no longer JUMP! vet just wants to treat symptoms: thyroid or cushing's disease.
I have been to two different vets. I don't know. I need more stories of severe cases. plus I am upset and don't want a million dollar dog, which she is quickly getting to that. she is my baby and i can't bear her in this condition.

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Nov 03, 2015
Reaction to trifexis
by: Anonymous

Hello; Every time I have given my Doberman her dose- she coughs for days, acts as if blind and just stands in one place. Last night after her dose- she became ice cold and would nothing- no jumping, walking, eating treats, etc.

There will not be anymore doses of this awful medication for Keisha.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: You are right, Don't give her any more, it sounds like she has had an adverse reaction to it.

Jun 01, 2015
by: verlane

My schnauzer mix developed diabetes after taking trifexis. My vet said she could not say with certainty that was the cause. He was fine before starting on the trifexis though.

Sep 24, 2014
Trifexis Antidote that Worked
by: Anonymous

TRIFEXIS ANTIDOTE-----There is a way to reverse the symptoms caused by Trifexis

It took me three weeks to figure out that trifexis has poisoned my dog.
He is a rare specimen, half jindo and half belgian shepherd he could jump higher
off the ground than Kobe Bryant, he was faster than any cat I have ever seen, a magnificent physical specimen. Then he started to vomit and in the aftermath of three days of that condition
he began to slow down, become letharic and soon has trouble just jumping a foot and a half into the van. He was looking old, his rear end was tender and inflamed. Then I looked at the trifexis package and date and realized the problems traced back to his first dose. I found the fabeook page trifexis kills dogs and realized he was suffering as a result of one dose of trifexis.
I spoke with elanco and they put their head veterinarian on with me. She was quite nice, offered to pay for the vet visit, wanted me to return to the vet who sold me the trifexis. After much discussion she told me there was no antidote for trifexis.

I then contacted a homeopath and she advised me to start a regimen right away,. I started my shepherd on liquid dandelion and liquid milk thistle, fifteen drops apiece, twice a day. As well I gave him one animal strength biosuperfood from bioage, an algae complex that has been remarkable in the past for recovery after illness. After three days the shepherd was bounding again, I slowed the dosage and he reverted to the lethargy and pain. I returned to the previous criteria and after three weeks, he is again strong and vital his regimen has slowed to once a day for the liquids and every three days for the biosuperfood. The tenderness in his rear is gone. I will write and call elanco and inform them or my progress, I suspect that they will continue to maintain an innocence in
regard to the conditions that arise after the use of their product, but I do believe that the regimen has brought this dog back to his previous most healthy state. I do now believe there is an antidote.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Good for you - nd your dog. Thank you for sharing that, it will be a reliefe to many.

Aug 25, 2014
Death pills
by: Anonymous

Both my older dogs were switched to this drug and both developed liver problems. I had to have both put to sleep and I feel this drug killed them both. My bigger dog started having seizures and stopped eating never been sick. Vet and the company that sales this stuff don't want to say it caused their problems.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: So sorry to hear of your losses. How very, very sad. There is so much evidence that Trifexis can adversely affect some dogs that we are very surprised it is still on the market. Your post and others like it will help to spread the word.

Aug 11, 2014
by: Linda and Max

So sorry to hear of Molly's diabetes. There are so many stories from owners about the dangers of this drug for some dogs.

Aug 04, 2014
Pancreatitis and diabetes
by: Anonymous

My dog Molly, developed pancreatitis and diabetes after 4 doses of Trifexus. She has always been very healthy and is now insulin dependent!

Jun 28, 2014
Diabetic dog
by: Anonymous

My dog has recently become a diabetic and has been taking Trifexis for about a year Has anyone else had this happen?

Sorry to hear that, read this:

Dec 22, 2013
My 4 yr old Maltese seemed to have a seizure
by: Anonymous

My Maltese seemed to have a seizure last night --never have seen this in any of my other dogs. He suddenly got stiff, stuck all his legs out straight, and his whole body was twitching. We picked him up and put him on the floor and it seemed his back legs were weak and he kept going down on his haunches. After a little while, he was OK again and so far, it hasn't happened again.
He's had two doses of Trifexis and it's almost time for the next one, but I think I'm going to stop it altogether after reading all the comments. I feel so badly for all of you who have pets now that have become so sick and even died because of something that could have been prevented. My heart goes out to you.

Dec 12, 2013
My 3 minis--1 is my service dog& 1 shiztzu
by: Kelly

Mine take it monthly and no problems they eat an expensive diet Castor and Pollux. Their food has real fruit, meat and vegetables. Living in Texas they have the filtered water bowl that is plugged in, this makes them drink more since it is like a waterfall, and filter replacements are cheap. All their food and accessories are mailed to my home monthly (free if order is $50 or more) through excellent service for almost two years. The oldest is my service dog, prior USAF.

Nov 21, 2013
Trifexis 6 month old Mini Schnauzer
by: Daniel M

This is his 2nd dose. And I get what some of you mean by acting strange and not themselves. Mine wont eat for a day and seems real lethargic for about 2 days. Not sure if I should still give it him. I really want to switch after hearing a lot of bad things as a result of Trifexis. Any Suggestions?

Much appreciated,


NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Judging by the other comments, I'd be reluctant to give another dose if your Mini is already behaving strange. Don't Frontline or Avantix have something you can use?

Oct 08, 2013
Trifexus is poison
by: Anonymous

My 9 year old healthy yorkie began taking Trifexis approximately 3 months ago. Last month after receiving her third dose she began having bloody diarrhea.
It still did not dawn on me that it could have been something I had done to her. I
thought it was the end for her. The vet had approved the trifexis and never even mentioned that when I took her for the boodly stool. It has been a month since she became ill and she is still fighting the diarrhea.

Oct 07, 2013
Keep him hydrated.
by: Anonymous

Keep him hydrated.... let him rest... most of these instances seem to resolve in a couple of days... older dogs far worse than puppies. I am impressed that they admitted the dog was likely having an adverse reaction... it seemed early on they had no knowledge of such possibilities.

Oct 07, 2013
Lab Puppy Suggestion
by: Tina

Time is what it will take to get it out of his system. I also went to the site and ordered a liver and kidney supplement that aids the liver and kidneys in their processing. My Weimers are now back to normal...talking, walking, eating and being happy again. WHEW!!! It's been a month since the last dose. They "came back" slowly. Told my vets office they should give more info on the possible side effects of this stuff.
Told all family and friends of the problems we had. Nothing else we/you can do but give him lots of love until he feels better.
Wishing you the best...

Oct 05, 2013
Lab puppy, worried sick - help!
by: Anonymous

Just gave my beautiful 7month old lab puppy trifexis last night. Rushed him to the vet this morning for being so lethargic. I'm feeling so much guilt about this. Why didn't I read up on this before I gave it to him?
He was perfect yesterday and now he seems so out of it. The vet gave him something for nausea and contacted Elanco. They admitted he is probably having an adverse reaction. They said it will work itself out of his system.
I have him home and all he is doing is sleeping. I'm worried sick.
Any thoughts?

Sep 11, 2013
3 Weimeraners all affected by Trifexis
by: Tina

After moving to a new area in April of 2013 we took all our Weimers to a new vet and Trifexis was recommended. I agreed. The only warning we were given was that they might get legarthic. Our oldest was 12 and he had hip issues but always enjoyed eating, taking walks and getting treats.
Within two months he had become a zombie.
Didn't want to get up in the morning, refusing to eat more times than not, refusing treats and on walks he could only take ten steps or so before he would stop and just stare at nothing. He also started being incontinent. Thinking he was at the end of his life and that we did not want him to be in pain we decided it was time for him to go to the great hunting ground in the sky. With great angst we had him put to sleep
We then noticed our two other Weimers seemed to be in a great depression and that they seemed to have grown "old" overnight. We attributed it to the fact that the leader of their pack was gone.
Other symptoms, that we realize now are probably side affects of Trifexis, were present but we attributed them to all kinds of possible answers. Diarrhea & vomiting (maybe they ate something in the woods that made them sick), lack of appetite (maybe they were still adjusting to the move and the fact that Gunther was gone), staring out into nothing (maybe they were hearing something that we couldn't) not wanting to be cuddled (just getting grouchier in old age), not eating (maybe it was the food - and we changed brands) bad body odor (maybe it was the new food) etc, etc, etc.
Logan is 10 and Sassy is 8. Logan who has always been a "puppy" at heart, used to "talk" all the time, had a voracious appetite, was very inquisitive on walks and loved to cuddle.
Sassy was just "sassy", full of herself, life and energy. Now neither has much energy, Logan doesn't talk anymore, we've seen the diarrhea and the vomiting and the staring into space. Sassy refuses to eat a lot these days and Logan only eats partial meals.
Both of them have refused to take the Trifexis when it is handed to them or put in their dinner bowls. I have actually been putting it down their throats to get them to take it, thinking I was doing the right thing. Yesterday it occurred to me it might be the Trifexis and what I saw and read online just made me sick. I believe I have been poisoning my dogs and that we put our "Big Dog" to sleep before it was his time.
No more Trifexis for our dogs!!! I'm going to a holistic site today "" and see if they have a way to detox my dogs so we can get this stuff out of their system. Hopefully the two we have left will recover and get their lives back to normal again.
As for Gunther...I'm sorry sweet boy. Mama always told you she wouldn't ever let anything hurt you. I'm sorry it was me in the end. Please know I loved you so very much and I promise I will do better for your Bubba and Sassy.

Aug 14, 2013
Welsh Corgi and Trifexis
by: Mary

My elderly Welsh Corgi has had two doses of this med Trifexis. He is going to the vet today for a new and terrible skin condition. I believe it is related to this drug as he has never had before. I am stopping this nasty med on my other dogs as well before they develop something.

Aug 07, 2013
Horrid more Trifexis for my mini schnauzers
by: Christy

The Vet changed my Fantastic four all mini Schnauzers (age ranging from 12 to 6) to Trifexis all of them have had issues with it: vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, horrible diahrea..Three are now acting more like themselves..but sweet Lulu 6yrs old has now developed bright red bloody diarhea won't eat.. on our way to Vet...Never again will any of my babies be given Trifexis..

Aug 07, 2013
Trifexus and giant schnauzer
by: Andy's Mom

I hesitated to post after reading all the scary and tragic results of this pill but here goes anyway. My Andy is a Giant Schnauzer, 80 pounds plus, we live in a wooded area where fleas are everywhere during the season. Andy has been on Trifexus for almost 2 years with absolutely no side effects. We go on it for 9 months then off for 3 and we make sure it is always taken with his evening meal. Maybe it is his size that helps him tolerate it well, or that he takes it with food or that he goes off of it for 3 months, I have no idea. Our vet served in the Regular Army Veterinary Corps., has a great love for dogs, raises Labs and yes, he gives the pill to his dogs. I will be more watchful for any possible side effects, but for right now and for Andy, the not having fleas makes his life so much better and yes, we did try topical treatment first but they just didn't work. Prayers to all who had problems with the pill.

Aug 05, 2013
My Standard Poodle
by: Carter

I gave my 6yo male 1 tablet and the next day he was lethargic and walking like he was drunk. It has now been 48 hrs and he still has the lethargy but is walking better. I will never give this drug to another dog.

Jun 28, 2013
trifexis warning
by: tim and cindy

trifexis warning!
do not use this product it's poison to our pets.our little chihuahua died in less than 24hrs from trifexis.
it shut her pancreas down, shot her into a diabetic shock and a heart attack.we trusted the vet and Precious trusted us and we let her down.
the company elanco cares only about their profit.talked to them and got nowhere.
i miss my baby and she will not die in vain.i will spread the word untill trifexis and others like it off the market.

Jun 23, 2013
Trifexis: Goodbye Rosee we miss you
by: Buddy

Our 15 month Buddy (Laso/Pom mix) and our 9 year old Rosee (Mini Dachound) had been on Trifexis for a year with no apparent side effect other than Buddy shaking/piddling as a puppy when strangers came to our home.
Next odd occurrence was during Buddy's blood work up prior to neutering (8 months old) his liver enzymes were slightly elevated so he went on meds but vet did not think that Trifexis was the cause. So again questioning but nothing concrete to link to Trifexis.
During this time Rosee seemed to be doing great with no adverse side effects. But just before the June dose Rosee became lathargic, no appetite and not walking. After a battery of tests the results were slightly elevated liver enzymes. Went home with meds and she seemed better at her follow up visit 5 days later.
12 days after the follow up visit Rosee died in her bed. We talked to another vet about Trifexis... He said he does not prescribe it so could not comment but that products ingested orally would show up in the liver.
We are done with Trifexis and would suggest that long term use may have a residual build up that could affect the liver with devastating outcomes.

Jun 18, 2013
Zoe update
by: Debra Collins

Zoe continues to recover from taking trifexis. I did take her to the vet yesterday for blood work. Most came back normal, bit liver enzymes are slightly elevated and trace o blood found in urine sample. Recommended to watch liver and could wait for 30 days to redo urine or do X-ray tomorrow. Of course we are going in the morning for X-ray. Can anyone recommend a good nutrious kibble for her. I have become obsessed wth this and it seems the more I read online the more issues I find. I usually supplement with cooked beef or chicken , I just can't get on board with the raw diets. I have found a couple that seem pretty good, but would love advice from other "mini" parents. If you have suggestions please let me know .
I check this site frequently, but can be contacted by email at Thanks!

Good Luck

Jun 16, 2013
Trifexis and my mini
by: dbcollins

I am so mad at myself for not doing what a good mom should and always research new meds b4 giving to my "baby". Zoe is 9.5 years old and weighs 10 lbs. Last year our vet suggested this. I noticed that she seemed a bit lethargic after, but she usually did this. However, at her last visit she went from 9 lbs to 10 and so the dosage went up. 3 pills into that pack and the lethergy is worse and lasting longer. She has been scratching also and I didn't make the connection. Gave last pill a week ago and she is still not herself . Plan to take her and the rest of the pills to vet 2morrow for possible blood work. Guess I always thought more expensive the better, but will happily lose this money now and pray I have caught it b4 anything serious.
Will give update after vet visit.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: We have our fingers crossed for you and Zoe

Jun 10, 2013
my boxer and trifex
by: Anonymous

hi i am donna and i recently posted about a bad reation my boxer had to trifexis just to let everyone know the vets cant find an answer and in the mean time my dog has passed away.i took him to the local vet who even though they could not find anything wrong they treated him with antibiotics and i am so lost without my boy . the vet hurried him out of the office because she wanted to go home and he died he was 18 months old and never had a health problem until he took the trifexis, please people dont use this product

So very sorry to hear your sad, sad news. Boxers are such spirited dogs, it must have been heartbreaking to see him go down so quickly. Thank you for posting on our website, hopefully your story will help other dog owners to make an informed decision as to whether to give their dogs Trifexis or not.

Jun 05, 2013
Do not use Trifexis
by: russell

Just got through the "24 hour" period with my dog as described in so many other blogs/threads. Gave 1 Trifexis to my 65lb. pitbull and within 1 hr. she became lethargic and unresponsive. I was immediately concerned and hit the internet to see if others had experienced the same effects. I will admit that it was relieving and aggravating at the same time to read so many other incidents that dog owners had experienced.
It is now 24hrs. after the 1 tablet dose was given and luckily my dog seems completely normal again. I have read stories of other dog owners who have not been so lucky. It is truly a nerve racking experience and tough to get answers from professional veterinary establishments. It makes you wonder if this "side effect" which is listed on the label is rare or common. I believe common! Too common!
I contacted 6 different vet clinics (while watching my dogs' eyes cross, complete lethargy, and absolutely no appetite) for their opinion and 5 of them were not that helpful and I believe it is because they sell thousands of dollars of this product to unsuspecting dog owners. This product is expensive and as a responsible dog owner you think you are paying top dollar for the best science has to offer, but the reality is it seems to be all about the money and who cares if "some" dogs have adverse symptoms.
I am aware that all medicines carry risk. These risks should be rare and I believe with Trifexis they are not. When contacting vet clinics the info given was limited and guarded, even to the point of secrecy as to the occurrence of this within their own clientele or not. One front desk secretary in a very quiet voice assured me that my dog would probably be o.k. but to monitor her and then the clerk gave me an address and phone number of a local animal emergency hospital if things got worse. She also mentioned that she does not use this product for her dogs. Fortunately, my dog "snapped" out of it and seems fine now. So, for you people who are concerned about your dog right now I do believe that the "side effect" symptoms will pass, no trip to the vet necessary, but it is not worth the anxiety and heartache to know that you may have poisoned your dog. DO NOT USE TRIFEXIS.

Jun 05, 2013
Trifexis killed my Rat Terrier
by: Anonymous

It's been a week and a day since my husband and I had to put our 10 year old Rat Terrier down. We believe our once healthy and vibrant dog became fatally ill after having one dose of Trifexis.
From what I have learned from other dog owners whose pets died after taking the med, Nellie exhibited nearly the same symptoms or "side effects" as well. She first became lethargic, (and as any terrier owner knows first hand about the breed, they are anything but) she wouldn't eat or drink, hid in her bed and ceased all normal activities, I.e., barking, running around the house, begging for attention, and basically being the hyper dog we knew and loved.
Her weight dropped drastically and being a toy breed made the weight loss even scarier. After three days of showing no signs of any appetite returning, we took her to our vet for some tests. Other than having a slight heart murmur which we we aware of before, the only problem detected was an infection somewhere accompanied with a fever and pain in her back and stomach.
After our vet prescribed two heavy doses of antibiotics, and pain meds, her condition continued to worsen. Her legs were wobbly and she started falling down while trying to walk, and she began drooling a slimy mucus. Our vet was baffled as to what was causing her illness and pain and suggested further testing which we did, adding over 800 hundred dollars to the already inititial $250.00 to first diagnose her.
Her white blood count was sky high and the antibiotics failed to improve her condition. After doing an MRI to see if she had any intestinal issues or blockage in which she had not,, he could not conclude what was really going on with her or the cause of her being so sick.
I had not mentioned giving her the Trifexis because at the time I felt it was irrelevant nor was I aware of the possible side effects of this product. Our vets final analysis was perhaps pancreatitis, spinal infection, liver disease or perhaps cancer of the spleen. I have a hard time accepting a cancer diagnosis because I had a dog with cancer and her symptoms were unlike Nellie's, and it was a slower decline, not the immediate onslaught of devastation we experienced with Nellie.
Now I am almost certain that it was caused from Trifexis. Although I do not have any concrete proof, the symptoms reported by other people whose pets suffered the same or similar symptoms lead me to believe that if it were not for me giving her Trifexis, I would not be writing this now and our beloved girl would still be with us. I am contacting the drug company to report her case.
Users beware.

Jun 04, 2013
Trifexis is killing my Boxer
by: donna

i started my boxer on trifexis and slowly he has become lethargic like he's in a daze stares into space and he can hardly breathe he no longer jumps or runs or even wants to go outside. i am so afraid i am losing him he looks like he has not eaten in a month.
my other boxer took her last dose the same time as my male and she threw it up within 1 hour i am sure trifexis caused this and i am going to do everything in my power to get the word out this product is dangerous to your animal and shame on the vets for not letting ever pet owner know this could happen.

Jun 03, 2013
Terrible trifexis for my poor Bichon
by: Anonymous

I had given 3 doses of Trifexis to my 14 yr old bichon, who previously had no problems with fleas or heartworm. Moved to the south and had to give her something to deter fleas, and possible hrartworm. Shortly after the 3rd dose, she had continent issues, and after extensive testing was found to have Cushings. No signs prior to Trifexis. Went into renal failure, after being given medication for Cushings.
She recovered, but with limited mobility in back legs, and continued with continent issues. Used some natural medications from pet wellbeing, which made her condition somewhat tolerable, although still dealing with frequent urination and loose bowels. Fleas just became a big issue, and the external treatments were not working. Thinking that perhaps her Cushings prescribed medication caused her renal failure, I gave her one more dose of Trifexis.
BAD IDEA! After 2 hrs post dosage, she was very sleepy, and had issues with walking, and apparent dizziness. Now I know she is inable to tolerate this medication, and believe it was the cause of her Cushings! Think her outcome will not be a good one.
Either take this off the market, or expand the warnings to reflect this horrible side effect.

May 04, 2013
Trifexis in dogs
by: Wilma

I have a lab/dal mix that is 12 years old & I have been giving her Trifexis for the last 11 months. She has slowly been developing different issues that I assumed were related to age. After finding this page while googling Trifexis, so much of what people's pets have experienced hit right on my dog's issues. Thank you all for sharing. I feel like a terrible dog Mom for not linking this earlier. She is done with Trifexis & hopefully will recover from her issues. Thanks again...

Apr 22, 2013
Mini Schnauzers and Trifexis
by: Rodes

I have 4 minis an one toy sized Schnauzer. My dogs were given their first dose of Trifexis last month. The three minis did fine, but the toy, who weighs 7 lbs seemed lethargic and not herself.
My biggest concern at this time is that one of my minis was just bred a few weeks before and I am concerned about this litter of Schnoodles.
I also gave it to our 10 lb poodle and he did fine, however those will be my first and last doses of Trifexis.

Apr 13, 2013
With Trifexis, we almost lost our mini schnauzer
by: Anonymous

We almost lost our six-year-old mini-schnauzer last month and from what I know now, Trifexis is the primary suspect. With no previous warning, he woke one morning too weak to stand.
We took him immediately to the vet, who found he was anemic (red blood count in the 20s, when 40 to 50 percent is normal). By the next morning, the red blood count was down to 14%. Below 11% is considered fatal. He was diagnosed with auto-immune disease. Two nights in a critical care facility, with high doses of steroids, stabilized the red blood count.
With continued steroids (now being tapered off) his red blood count is back to normal and his great personality has returned. I began researching Trifexis and discovered a number of incidents where dogs were staring at the ceiling, trance-like, after taking Trifexis. BINGO!
In November, 2011, our dog began this unusual activity. This would have been several days after his second dose of Trifexis. The vet did a blood workup and could not find anything out of the ordinary. Neither we nor the vet made the Trifexis connection, and we continued to give it to him monthly. I now know that this "star-gazing" is a kind of mild seizure. I feel really, really stupid for not researching this then, but it may have been too early for this reaction to have been reported.
Trifexis came on the market in January, 2011. After that first incident of "star-gazing," it would occur intermittently. With no Trifexis now for two months, we have not seen it in that time period. Our dog may be on steroids the rest of his life, Because of the damage to his nervous system, he can never have another vaccination of any kind, and will be vulnerable to other illnesses. Beware Trifexis and the elaborate wall billboards advertising the drug in your vet's office.

Apr 06, 2013
Trifexis - thank you for sharing
by: WC

I have a lab/dal mix that is 12 years old & I have been giving her Trifexis for the last 11 months. She has slowly been developing different issues that I assumed were related to age.
After finding this page while googling Trifexis, so much of what people's pets have experienced hit right on my dog's issues.
Thank you all for sharing. I feel like a terrible dog Mom for not linking this earlier. She is done with Trifexis & hopefully will recover from her issues.
Thanks may safe her life.

Mar 28, 2013
Trifexis had Major Side Effects 4 Dachshunds
by: Anonymous

I have two female dachshunds. One is eight years old and the other is nine years old. After administering their third dose of Trifexis, they both had severe and different reactions.
My Missy had a constant large muscle spasm in her neck which began the evening of dosing and lasted two days until veterinary intervention. My Lucy suffered a severe seizure-like episodes in the middle of the night the night after dosing and several others for the next week during sleep. She also developed random twitching while she is awake.
Worst of all, she refused food for almost three days following treatment with Trifexis. My girls are very well cared for and I thought I was giving them the best available option.
The marketing is a bunch of b.s. This drug is very dangerous. I was scared that my beloved girls were going to die. Please be careful!

Mar 12, 2013
by: Pete

I have come to believe neutering or Spaying is more a cause of Cushings than Trifexis. Trifexis seems to cause neurological issues. Cushings is endocrine problem caused by hormone imbalance. Many will disagree... check this out.

Mar 08, 2013
Dachshund owner - Cushings Syndrome
by: Anonymous

3-8-2013 My dachshund (5 1/2 yrs) has been on
Trifexis for the last year and has just been
diagnosed with canine Cushings' Syndrome. She
is very ill and is not expected to recover.
Has anyone else had this problem?

Mar 07, 2013
NO Trifexis! ...and no 3-in-1 shots!
by: Anonymous

Do NOT let your vet give your dog Trifexis! It has had terrible effects on dogs and many have died. My sister's vet said they do not give it because it is very hard on small dogs.
Also, last fall my mini went in for annual shots. The vet gave a "3-in-1" that covered parvo and other things, then gave a single shot. My mini seemed to be okay for about a week, and then started acting strange. S
he slept all day and all night, and didn't eat much, wouldn't drink hardly any water, and when she was awake, she just sat and stared at me with glazed over eyes. I researched on the internet and I will NOT allow the vet to give another 3-in-1 to my mini and at the same time give a separate shot.
I will get them separately or I won't get them for her. It took her 3 months to start acting like herself again, and I am so happy I didn't lose her. She still sleeps a lot, but she seems to have more energy and loves her walk - is eating and drinking normally now.

Feb 27, 2013
Update on my beagle
by: Cindy Paigen

So, Mouse has now been off Trifexis since mid-November. She was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk and was peeing and pooping on the floor.

Well, She seems like she is not in pain anymore. She can go down the stairs but not up them. She has trouble going up even single stairs. She is doing much better with regards to making it out the door in time to go potty but it isn't 100% consistent.

Her 'rear passenger' leg seems to be the most effected. She kind of limps/drags that one. She still likes to go on walks but she is so much slower and it can be tedious at times. But, she loves being outside, so we go.

I do not think she is going to get much better than she is now but at least she is still with us.
NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: So sorry to hear of Mouse's problems, but it does sound like she is improving, we will hope and pray that this continues.
With our best wishes.

Feb 24, 2013
Trifexis effects documented
by: JPTX

Date of administration of Trifexis to my otherwise pretty healthy just turned 17 yrs. old terrier ,2/11/2013.
Start date of acute dehydration &pudding stools & vomiting 2/17/2013.
Date of 2nd Vet's exam & diagnosis- beginning renal failure....2/23/2013.
Date of my first time administering a Lactated Ringer drip sub/V at home to my little fighter...2/24/2013.

Jan 21, 2013
Trifexis Response
by: Pete

My dog became twitchy and hypervigilant with what I would describe as nervous tics after her third dose. She is a small dog.
I would not give her any more trifexis. If she displayed it with the first two doses, I did not notice it.
However after the third she definitely appeared to have neurological effects.
We discontinued and she seems fine now.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: That's good news that your dog seems fine now.

Jan 19, 2013
Trifexis in small breed dogs
by: Buddy

Our 8 month, 8 pound, Pom/Laso puppy has been taking Trifexis since he was 8 weeks old without apparent side effects but... during his neuter pre-op blood workup it was discovered that he has slightly elevated liver enzyme levels and something else we have rethought about...our little guy trembles/shudders when we pick him up which I assumed was due to excitement or nervousness.
Now this leads me to ask if anyone else has experienced these issues with their dog. [Note our puppy's litter mate brother does not exhibit either of these issues.

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Hi there Buddy, we do not know the answer as we have never experienced Trifexis, but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of shakes or tremors after Trifexis. This does not mean that it definitely IS connected, but it may be a possibility.
Given the anecdotal evidence, it may be worth pursuing other remedies and taking your dog off Trifexis - but do it under the guidance of your vet.

Dec 23, 2012
Dead Dog - thanks to slow death Trifexis
by: Anonymous

Well after a month of taking a "cleanser" we finally put down my lab/rot mix. Bear was 11, had terrible arthritis anyhow, but the day after his first dose of Trifexis was the last day he walked.

We tried walkin' wheels, but he never took to it.
We "invented" our own soft lift harnesses to allow him to walk on his front legs outside.

I contacted Trifexis at 888-545-5973 about 2-3 weeks ago; they connected me with a vet, Dr Jill Pattee, under they're guidance to give me guidance. Dr Pattee suggested they'd try to find an "animal neurologist" to see what's blocking, and would get back to me when they had located one ... waaaay too late it turns out. They never returned a call ever, although it was promised.

After two months of this, we ended his pain.
I have to say that neither Dr Pattee nor Trifexis were in any way helpful, much less attempted to be. The vet doctor from Flint River Animal Hospital called, a week after we put him down, in response to contact from Dr Pattee
(waaaaay late!?!?). WHYYYYYY?

Dec 22, 2012
Very sorry to hear about your dog
by: Pete

That is terrible Cindy... keep her hydrated. My dog recovered in a couple of days. She had 3 doses previous to having a problem with it. It seemed to me like it attacks the nervous system. See if you can get her to eat fats and proteins... cut out the commercial dry dog food which is mostly corn nowadays... her nervous system needs to heal. Good luck

I keep getting E Mails anytime anything is added to this thread and it seems like there is a steady drizzle of people having a problem with this drug... and every time, the person asks the vet and the vet knows nothing about it... this doesn't surprise me but it should surprise some who are less cynical about vets.

Dec 22, 2012
Trifexis broke my beagle
by: Cindy

I have a 10-y-o beagle that has a long term problem with flea allergies. She was yelping in pain and had bald patches on her butt from chewing.
Took her to the vet, $440 later was told flea infection. Prescribed Trifexis.
Now my dog can barely walk. She can't jump up on the bed or couch and needs someone to carry her up the stairs.
I have started cleaning up pee and poo because she can't make it out the dog door.
I had been chalking it up to old age but then lightening struck for me when I realized that it was almost time for her next dose of Trifexis. DUH
so I started researching and found story after story of nearly the same thing!! I'm worried about my girl.
So my question is, it has been almost a month(3weeks) since her second dose. No seizures thank god. Is there a chance that she will not recover?
Are there stories of dogs that are 'fine' after exhibiting mobility issues?

Hi Cindy, sorry to hear about your beagle. As far as we are aware, with some dogs the symptoms can be temporary - but it does vary from dog to dog. Good luck.

Nov 08, 2012
Arthritic back legs stopped working
by: Anonymous

My 11yr old badly arthritic lab/rot mix:
3 weeks after starting on Previcox 227mg for a strained muscle(s?) in his rear legs, we returned for a checkup.
Doc gave him good marks; he'd lost 10 lbs, from 119 to 109 as recommended, and he was very much more mobile, still weak but well able to walk. That was Mon 11/5/2012.

They gave him a horse-pill of Trifexis to treat his minor flea problem - he's highly allergic and had chewed his fur off his hind end.

Over that and the next day he never went, and then wouldn't get up, on his own. Tue 11/6 he never went to poo but could still walk with help from us to stand up. Wed 11/7 early he wasn't walking and wouldn't get up.
He finally couldn't hold it any longer and poo'd on the porch - but it wasn't compacted so he wasn't constipated. He just couldn't stand to arch his back the past few days... perhaps from the arthritis? I don't think so since he was walking fine after 3 weeks of cautious recouperation. Plus there was blood in his stools.

Since then he still isn't walking, and we've been cleaning his poo/pee as he lays on his side in the kitchen floor. The poo is now mostly liquid and has lots of black blood in it.

The doctor suggested we may bring him in for a blood test to see if he has an ulcer. He said it all may pass as well by days end.

We'll let him rest and attempt to recover, then by mid-day if not better, we'll bring him in for further testing and hospitalization - to give him fluids and get him cleaned up & better.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that your dog makes a full recovery. Hopefully when the drugs get out of his system he will start to get better. Our very best wishes.

Nov 05, 2012
neurological damage to collie
by: Anonymous

My 13-year-old collie was perfectly fine up to taking Trifexis.
She lost the use of her legs finally after about 3 weeks she was able to stand but had neurological damage turning in circles and switching her head back and forth.

Nov 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have the rough-haired collie. 7 to be exact. As with many people, my vet of 22 years told me that Comfortis was on back order and that Trifexis was safe for my collies. which I questioned and should have done my own research. 3 things happened. I had 10 collie puppies at the time and when I took them for their shots the vet told me Trifexis was the same as Comfortis, made by the same company. and just had worm med included.
The puppies immediately developed an itching problem as if they were loaded with fleas, it went away after it got out of their system. My old collie (13) was very active - could do 5 steps no problem. But after Trifexis she lost control of her back legs and seemed to have neurological damage switching her head from side to side.
I had given Trifexis to my female collie about a month before she became pregnant - one puppy was born deformed the others were smaller and unable to nurse and I lost them all.
There needs to be a law suit against this company. Why were out trusted products suddenly all off the market and the vets are pushing Trifexis nationally?

Oct 10, 2012
Don't use it!
by: Anonymous

Don't use Trifexis! It almost killed my mini schnauzer. He was completely normal and fine and within 2 hours of giving him this drug, he was lethargic and would not eat or drink.
He stayed this way until my vet flushed the drug out of his system about 2 days later. He was back to normal and has been since.
I would not give it to any dog!

Oct 10, 2012
Trifexis is terrible, do not use it.
by: Patty

My advice is not to use Trifexis. I gave my mini schnauzer one dose and within 2 hours he became so lethargic he could not keep his head up. He was totally fine and energetic up to that point. He would not eat or drink. My Vet told me to give it 24 hours and it should be out of his system. After 24 hours, he was still the same. So, I started researching the internet and saw lots of people with the same experience in all breeds and sizes of dogs. I then contacted my Vet and told him about what I had been reading. At 11pm, my Vet called me and ask me to please bring my dog in so we could start fluids and flush that drug out of his system. After a day of fluids, he finally started to be himself again.
That was 5 months ago and I have had no problems since. I now give him Heartguard and use Advantix II for flea/tick problems.
Trifexis has only been out for a little over a year. It should be recalled, because from what I have read, it has killed some dogs!
Thank goodness it didn't kill mine!

Sep 09, 2012
by: Anonymous


Sep 03, 2012
my chows and Trifexis
by: Anonymous

They aren't schnauzers, but,I started giving my 2 Chow Chows Trifexis 6 months ago. No problem at first.
Now my male vomits about 4-5 hours later and my female has a horrible skin infection.
Don't know if it was caused by the Trifexis but will no longer be giving it to them!

Jul 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

My girlfriend lost her pit bull and gave us this medicine0. I should have researched it first.
I gave to my roommate pug, my schnauzer, and my lab mix. Lab mix o.k. pug got really sick and had to hold her all night but morning came for them to walk she was O.K. and she ate, thank goodness. Now my schnauzer wouldn't get up and had no energy always excited to walk in morning I had to make her found tongue hanging out and came back from walk and she wanted to lay down again no energy. Put her in bed with treat she finally ate it but held before work like a baby. I am scared hope she is o.k. when I get home for lunch to check on her. Has anyone else schnauzer had this side effect with this medicine.
Do I need to take her to vet?

Jun 30, 2012
heartworm testing
by: Anonymous

If your animal has not been tested for heartworms, giving any heartworm preventative can be potentially deadly.
Make sure that you have your animals tested first.

Jun 23, 2012
Trifexis side effects
by: Anonymous

I wasn't sure just what Trifexis was, I had read a lot of anecdotal evidence about Trifexis side effects and so wanted to avoid it.
I looked it up and this is what I came up with:
Trifexis is manufactured by Elanco and this is what they say about the drug:
"Trifexis is a once-monthly tablet that kills fleas, prevents heartworm disease and treats and controls adult hookworm, roundworm and whipworm infections. And since it's beef-flavored, you can offer it as a treat.

"Trifexis combines two powerful active ingredients that are safe and effective at protecting against three types of dangerous parasites. And since it is given orally, there is no need to isolate your dog from other pets or kids."

It doesn't sound like a treat to me from what I've read and won't be giving it to my dog.

Jun 23, 2012
NO MORE Trifexis
by: Anonymous

I am so sad to say that we lost one of our three Schnauzers today.
I had a very tramatic experience yesterday with her. She vomited really bad, then about 1 hour later she started having seizures. Rushed her to the vet, first thing I told him was she had Trifexis the day before.
They kept her overnight trying to keep her from seizing. She had a major seizure this afternoon and her heart gave in and she didn't make it. Although we had only had her 2 years (she was a rescue, that was almost dead from starvation and had heartworms which we healed her of) it still broke our hearts.
The most tramatic thing was watching her during the seizures. It was horrible, hope I never have to see it again. NO MORE Trifexis. All vets should warn their patients about these side effects, nothing was ever told to me, and now I have lost a beloved pet.
RIP LOLA!!!!!!

Jun 19, 2012
by: Anonymous

Go to
to see emails from users of Trifexis it's the same symptoms and some have died.

Jun 07, 2012
Schnoodle recovered
by: Pete

My dog seems to have recovered... (The schnoodle below...). I described her behavior as hypervigilance... to explain, I would describe it as overall jumpiness, jitteriness and some of what I could only describe as tic like movements of her head and neck. She kept tilting her head to the left for no apparent reason. After a day or two, she was back to normal... (for her). No more trifexis for her or my other dog, a Australian shepherd.

Hi Pete,
That is great news. We are so pleased that your Schnoodle has recovered - thanks for letting us know. This issue of Trifexis side effects sure has got everybody talking. Seems like there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from owners of dogs of all different breeds that some dogs can have an extremely negative reaction to this drug.
Happily, yours has recovered, that will be a weight off your mind.
Best wishes.

Jun 06, 2012
two mini schnauzers Trifexis side effects
by: Melony Kempf

My two male schnauzer brothers, 1.5 yrs old, have had 6 doses of Trifexis. Each time I have noticed strange behavior, some diarrhea, and lack of interest in food. It was hard for me to explain to the vet what I meant by "strange behavior". And I still can't really describe it but they act differently for about 2 days after each dose. Def, will be going back to a different med for next month.

May 20, 2012
Toy poodle same symptoms
by: Anonymous

My Mom's toy poodle has the same symptoms plus seizures after only one dose of the Trifexis. She took the dose a month ago and has been sick ever since. The vet told Mom that it she was having side effects from the medicine. We are just hoping that this will wear off. He is treating her with some steriods, but it is really not helping. Good luck with your dog! Pray they will get better.

May 20, 2012
by: Pete

I have a Schnoodle which is part schnauzer part poodle. I have just tonight noticed hypervigilance after taking the pill maybe 8 hours ago. This is her third or fourth dose of this stuff with no noticeable side effects previously, but after reading online some of the problems others are having with this, it will be the last dose either of my dogs gets. She is agitated and hypervigilant. I will make sure she is hydrated and try to get her to rest. Good luck with your dog.

Mar 31, 2012
no advise but will ask othersquartz
by: Betsy, alpharetta, ga

I am so sorry and wish I had some ideas to assist you. But, I am certainly going to mention this to other dog owners and will let you know if anyone has heard of anything that might be useful to you and your dog. I am hoping the vets find something to help.

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