Tina Frazer

by Tina Frazer
(Bolton UK)

My Miniature schnauzer is a male and nearly 2 years of age
He was house trained but all of a sudden he keeps sneaking in the lounge and peeing behind the sofa - no new animals nearby - not moved house- no stress in the house
please advise

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Oct 11, 2017
pushing the boundaries
by: Linda and Max

Unless he is ill, we think he is pushing the boundaries, he has reached the "Terrible Twos". Lots of training, reward with treats, and vigilance. Even if he wees in the house, take him outside. Every time he wees or poos outside, give him a treat.
Don't punish but say NO in a strict voice if you catch him in the act indoors, then take him outside. Schnauzers are sensitive critters generally and he won't like being spoken sternly to, but he will like rewards for good behaviour.
Good luck.

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