This is a picture of Kitzel that somehow got deleted from her story!

by Cindi Dejnozka
(Safety Harbor, Florida USA)

Aren't I just the cat's pajamas?

Aren't I just the cat's pajamas?

Kitzel is now almost three months old. We have had her for three weeks and what a joy she brings into the household. We have only rescued seniors in the past and we became so accustomed to the laid back nature of them, that this little hand-full brings on many new challenges, especially for our seniors. I'm not sure if Shelly and Tucker are used to her hanging off their beards yet, but they sure have fun running in the yard together. As much as I am against breeding dogs for the sole purpose of making money, it was a joy dealing with Katherine Reed at Lonestar Farms and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It pays to do your research when purchasing a puppy. Thanks Katherine for all of your efforts and for giving us this wonderful bundle of love and energy.

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