Thinking of adding a new puppy to our family

I am already a happy owner of a 2 year old male Miniature Schnauzer and I am wanting to add a new edition to our family. I am not sure which would be a better edition a male or a female or if it matters at all. He is a very calm submissive dog I could not have asked for a better dog. He has many female friends that come over and play and they get along great. He has not been exposed to many males but the ones that he has come in contact with have not seemed to care for him. I have heard that a female's personality is much different than a male's and I love the nature of my dog and would like to get a puppy with the same temperament as his.

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Jun 08, 2012
by: Bill

I think you are definitely better getting a female Schnauzer with a male.
Quite often, the males may try to be competitive with each other and one might try to dominate the other.
This is usually less so if the males have been neutered, but can still be a problem.
A male and a female schnauzer are more likely to get on better.
Having said that, the temperament and character of the individual dog has a lot to do with it as well as the gender of the dog and it two males can get on fine.
In nature, a male is nore usually (although not always) happier with a female companion.
Have you already got another dog and what did you ddecide to go for?

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