The Schnauzer Handbook is ON SALE!

by Linda and Max

Hi Everybody,
Linda and Max here.
Just to let you know that Amazon has discounted our book The Schnauzer Handbook, so if you're looking for that perfect Christmas present for a Schnauzer lover, now would be the time to buy.

In the USA, the book has been reduced from $15.95 to $13.68, click on this link:

In the UK, the book has been discounted from £15.75 to £13, click on this link:

It's 263 pages long and packed full of Schnauzer info. It took us a year to write (Max snoozed through most of it, but I couldn't have written it without him!), but was worth the effort, it is selling well and, more importantly, getting fantastic reviews from the people who've bought it.

We're heading outlater today to do some Christmas shopping - good luck with yours.

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Nov 23, 2013
Fro9ntline Combo does work
by: Michele

Linda thanks for your post... I said that it is ONLY the FRONTLINE that does NOT work, but the FRONTLINE COMBO does work as my friend uses that on her two Cocker Spaniels and doesn't have a problem...
The good thing with the Stronghold, which takes 10 days to react, is that you can use the 4Fleas tablets whilst the Stronghold kicks in, which I have done, with no side effects. Today I have powdered my carpets and the boys bedding, and my sofa.. I've done my bedroom too all with 4Fleas powder.. well I'm paranoid & I kept them out of the rooms for 30 minutes as directed on the container, then I hoovered, so I'm hoping now that Rambo will be a happier boy tonight and sleep better... I've brushed him as he has a soft silky medium length coat and his skin is fine, so I guess he feels more, as he is now 10.. but I've found nothing.. Rebel & Benji are ok and none on them either.. so I hope I've solved things, as I've done everything imaginable.. Fingers crossed... please..
My friend has a cross Border Terrier / Cavalier, and the same colour, so if I post a photo maybe the lady will see it and compare.. my friend's dog has long legs.. but he's nearly 6 months..

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Thanks for the info, Michele

Nov 22, 2013
Linda & Max Schnauzer Book on Amazon
by: Michele

Hi Linda .I find mine so helpful, and funny in parts... some of the stories are really great, and Rambo and Rebel being in there makes the book really special for me..
By the way, pass this on to anyone who uses Frontline, but the Frontline Combo does work. I do now know that FRONTLINE does not work, won't go into detail, but Rambo was not a happy boy after a couple of days on Frontline, neither were Rebel and Benji.. I went to my vet as I was very upset having bought it.. My vet also told me Frontline does not work anymore, and I bought Stronghold, which takes about 10 days to kick in.. Consequently all three boys especially Rambo are still miffed. Going on a Stronghold site asking how long it takes to kick in.. first time could take up to 10 days before I see a happy dog, but as every owner said .. they use 4Fleas with the Stronghold as this will act in less than 6 hours, as they'll die immediately if they bite the dog, but most of all the 4Fleas can be used with Stronghold with no problems, or adverse reaction ( also says this on the 4Fleas packet, 6 tablets for £10 ).. I've done this and Rambo is a happier doggy, as are Rebel and Benji.. Hoorah..

NOTE FROM LINDA AND MAX: Thanks for the comments Michele and the info on Frontline - just to clarify, are you saying that Frontline/Frontline Combo does or does not work?

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