The Schnauzer Handbook is launched today!

by Linda and Max

Hi there,
Thank you for your patience.
We are pleased to announce that The Schnauzer Handbook is launched today.

The book is unique with over 250 pages and more than 300 photos and graphics dedicated to Schnauzers. This is not one of those books which has been written about different breeds and then adapted for Schnauzers.

It has been written by, with and for Schnauzer owners.

The book is only available an an ebook through the internet and can be read on your computer or printed out. Later this year it will also be available in Kindle format. Buyers also receive a free 24-page ebooklet entitled Ten True Schnauzer Stories from Around The World.

If you’re interested, you don’t have to buy until you have a lot more idea just what the book covers.
Please visit our sales page at:
where you will also be able to see a couple of free sample pages.

Here’s our chapter list:
• Chapter 1 The Miniature Schnauzer
• Chapter 2 The Standard Schnauzer
• Chapter 3 The Giant Schnauzer
• Chapter 4 History of Schnauzers
• Chapter 5 The Schnoodle
• Chapter 6 Schnauzer Colors
• Chapter 7 Puppies
• Chapter 8 Schnauzers for Allergy Sufferers
• Chapter 9 Feeding Your Schnauzer
• Chapter 10 Schnauzer Training
• Chapter 11 Schnauzer Behavior
• Chapter 12 Exercise
• Chapter 13 Schnauzer Health
• Chapter 14 Schnauzer Skin
• Chapter 15 Grooming
• Chapter 16 The Birds and the Bees
• Chapter 17 Schnauzer Rescue
• Chapter 18 Schnauzer Quiz

Thank you for your interest in The Schnauzer Handbook and we hope you find it an interesting, informative and entertaining read.

With Schnauzerly wishes,
Linda and Max

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