The most excitable mini schnauzer you have ever seen

by Donna
(Brisbane Australia)

We have the most gorgeous well natured mini schnauzer in the whole world (we are not biased!!! ha ha). He is almost 11 months old, de-sexed. Extremely well socialised. The issue is walking him.
When ever he sees another dog or a person he goes absolutely nuts with excitement. He just wants to get to them and say hello. It is beyond out of control. It even happens when he sees a dog across the road. I walk late in the evenings to try to avoid as many people and dogs as we can. Some owners now cross the street to avoid us. I have had a professional trainer spend 5 hours with us. I have tried all sorts of training options, collars, leads, harnesses and even a collar that makes ultrasonic waves when he barks. I am at my wits end. What should I do. He wont walk at all in a Halti head harness.
The only other ideas I have is to hire a professional trainer to walk him everyday until both he and I have it worked out or to use a collar that zaps him when he pulls or barks and I don't actually think I could even bring myself to do that. Will he just grow out of the habit?
Please has anyone had the same experience and what worked for you?
I will load a short video clip of his behaviour soon. Just need my husband to come along when we walk in the daylight to record it as I need both hands on the lead.

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May 24, 2019
Noisy schnauzer
by: Anonymous

Our 3 year old mini was the same when we got her at 9 months old. We tried all sorts of things too, and we found that 'Pet corrector' in a can worked for us. It can be brought over the internet (amazon ) or from pets at home, (its in a red can) She still has her 'noisy' days but on the whole a lot better to walk.

Good luck

May 19, 2019
positive training works better
by: Michelle

I had similar experience with my mini, Bear. It took over a year with active training for him to improve.

I used positive feedback. When I walked with him, I would give him a small treat when he did not bark or react to a walker or dog.

Now Bear will sit when a walker or dog goes by and he waits for his treat.

Schnauzers are very fast learners. I found they are very treat or praise oriented.

Negative reinforcements do the opposite on Schnauzers. Shock collars will not help but may make it worse.

May 18, 2019
by: Linda

He sounds like a wonderful dog who, like a lot of Schnauzers, can get very excitable.
We certainly would not recommend shock collars..
Positive training is the way to go.
Book him in on group training/socialisation classes
Use distraction techniques when on lead, read about this on the Internet.
Let him run free more often with other dogs, even if he barks.
Try not to be too anxious around him, he is certainly picking up on this.
Certainly he needs to spend time off the lead with other dogs.
Good luck!

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