Suddenly overprotective.

by PJ

My 1 yo mini schnauzer suddenly won't let anyone touch me, or me touch anyone else. She starts barking and jumping on us. Even if I put her in a separate room, she continues barking. Hugging REALLY sets her off. Sometimes she'll act like she's going to intercept my husband if he even walks toward me. (She does like him, although she is definitely my dog.) She adores my mother, but still gets upset if I hug or touch her. There have been no changes, nothing new or different. This cannot continue. Suggestions?

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Apr 07, 2017
Thanks, Linda and Max
by: Anonymous

Yes, she likes the crate. I will start using it as you suggest. Although I made sure she was socialized right from the start, and continue to expose her to different situations, people, and dogs, spoiled is an accurate description. :) Thanks for the advice!!

Note from Linda and Max: This problem is not uncommon with Minis, but it does need addressing.Good luck!

Apr 06, 2017
by: Linda and Max

Hi there,
Your Mini has, unfortunately, been spoiled with too much attention from you. She has reached adolescence and now she thinks she owns you. She is also under-socialised.
you have to really socialise her pretty quickly or she will become a nuisance because she has got so protective.
Do you use a crate at all?
If so, get her used to it and put her in there for short periods while you do normal things - like hugging and touching your husband and leaving the room.
If she barks or whines - ignore her and only let her out of the crate, praise her or give her a treat when she is quiet.
you also need to get her out and about away from the home into new siatuations, meeting other dogs and people much more often.
It is really important to address this issue -it is not uncommon with under-socialised Minis - or it will become a real problem -especially for your husband, but also for others.
Good luck.

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