Still Waiting For That "Perfect" Addition...

by Rae
(Jacksonville, Tx.)

Hello Max & All,
You may remember me. I've wrote to you in the past. My name is Rae and I am from Jacksonville, Tx. If you'll remember, I lost my Mini Schnauzer (Therapet) last March 3, 2009 very suddenly (this March 3 will be a year).
My health is still not very good but with a lot of prayer and hope I believe that I can and will beat this terminal illness. If anything could have went wrong since deciding to try to get another addition to our family, it certainly has, from "Chloe" being very hyper (more than I could possibly handle) to a few people being dishonest about their dogs in general simply because they are either trying to make money or the dog has some problems that they were not telling us about.
Either way it has been difficult at best. I think that it is really a shame because we (I) have so much love to give to just the right animal but many people don't seem to care if their dog will be loved or cared for, if you don't have A LOT of money or whatever the situation may be, they simply are not interested in speaking with you regardless.
Believe me Max, I've attempted to reach out to many people, all over near our area with nothing to bring home to love. Very unfortunate. Due to my medical problems and trying to raise our 11 yr. old son in addition to being able to pay our utility bills, etc. it is impossible for me (us) to purchase a dog for $600 or more. One of my epilepsy meds cost $565 (thank God for
On a positive note however, I have not given up despite many nights of discouragement and tears (I had even contacted a woman and she was more than willing to place one of her male dogs with us who she was not planning to breed, so long as he went to a good, loving home. We made arrangements for her to come visit our home and she called me later that evening and told me that "if I could not afford one of their puppies ($700), I could not afford to care for her 2 yr. old either").
I cried for 2 days. Just when I had almost gave up, I spoke to my neighbor and good friend. He said that "sometimes you have to let go and let God". He said to "listen to God and he will give me my answers". I had been treated bad by a few people over dogs and it was becoming difficult for me to trust anyone.
One man I spoke with said that he had a 9 y. old "retired" Yorkie female that he would place with us. When I called his Vet for references, the dog was actually 11 yrs. old and was not current on her vaccinations. And yet from friends, people that I knew, had a Yorkie-Poo and told us that he was healthy and had no problems. They used our Vet and said that we could call for references.
I did and the Vet had neither the dog nor the people in their computer. Poor thing had many fleas and his rt. back foot was injured (no toenails and the pad was injured from a previous injury). Finally I knew that I just had to "let go and let God".
My husband works with a Schnauzer breeder (small kennel) and so I called him because I know him also personally and he is honest and takes good care of his dogs (their kennel has heat/air, radios, televisions, etc., very spoiled).
He had the perfect dog for me. She is 5 yrs. old and he is retiring her after she weans this last litter. She is very loving, playful, yet will be a good companion for me as she used to be an indoor dog before he began to breed her.
Of course we are excited and maybe sometimes we are simply "tested" to see just how much we are willing to sacrifice to have the things that we trully want.
Maybe God was waiting until the time was right in my life, I don't know. I am excited and can not wait to bring her home to give her all of the love that she could ever dream of. Life is really strange sometimes.
Take care Max and to all here.
Love your companions. Love each other. Believe me, nobody's tomorrows are ever promised to any of us.
Thank you.

(Great to hear from you again, Rae. Love from Max)

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Feb 18, 2010
Thanks, Bella...
by: Elizabeth

Hi Bella,
Thanks for your info. I am very aware of rescues, shelter's and the like. It is a shame but you can go to a select Schnauzer breeder and purchase a Mini for what these places charge (very unfortunate for the dogs). I have a very loving home, a wonderful family and alot of love to give to my new "companion" but it is difficult to come by because most people are only concerned about the money aspect instead of placing their dog(s) into a forever loving home. I realize that they too have to get their money, afterall, if they did what they should have done and gave the dog their proper shots, neutured/spayed, etc. then they do expect their money back, understandable but not when their prices are so high that going to a breeder would be about the same (and do you know where a rescue/shelter dog has been or even a breeder for that matter, sad to say, some people just don't care about their dogs). I've been through enough and am ready for a healthy dog to spend hopefully many yrs. with. We are planning on getting a female mini schnauzer in middle March, after she weans her litter, from a close friend of ours and small schnauzer breeder. No games, no sick dogs, we know what we are getting and that helps so much. I believe that every dog deserves a chance, I am a huge animal rights person (you'd have to know me personally) but in my condition health-wise, I can not afford to take on a dog that may not be healthy or has some problems. I do appreciate your response and I certainly wish that all dogs could have a forever, loving home. I believe that they too have souls and deserve to live their lives as happy as possible.

Feb 18, 2010
by: bella

You might want to check out a Schnauzer Rescue.

I know there is one in Texas.
Google schnauzer rescue Texas

I Game from a rescue in Georga.

Check out my story at

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