Skin Problems, help

by Dottie
(South Carolina, Seneca )

I have a miniature Schnauzer, he's silver and white, I've tried everything I know and followed the vets office visits concerning my fur baby. He has started getting black bumps on his back, neck, shoulders and legs. He is 10yrs old. I feel so bad for him because now he's started getting fatty cyst. Is there anything I can do to help with his skin problems?

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Jul 10, 2019
by: Linda

Many Minis suffer from skin issues. The black bumps, if they are small, could be "Schnauzer bumps" which are like blackheads. If they do not bother him, don't worry.
Fatty cysts are also not uncommon in older dogs. My friend's Labradoodle is nearly 10 and has lots -some of them none too small. They are called lipomas and, as long as they are not cancerous, they do not usually affect the dog, so no point in having them all removed, which would be stressful for your Schnauzer.
You could add an Omega 3 fish oil to your dog's food once a day to help skin and also gently groom him and keep his coat clean.
As long as the bumps don't bother your dog, he is not suffering at all, you probably notice them more than him.

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