Skin problems - anyything else we can try please?

by Jessica
(Exeter, USA)

Lucy is an 8 year old mini schnauzer. She is the only dog that my parents have in the house and she rarely leaves their yard. (Not a wooded area....residential neighborhood).
For the last few years, Lucy has had skin problems on and off. She is now on a vet recommended dog food and treats. She has had cortizone injections, and taken pills, and bathes with a special oatmeal shampoo. Her latest flare-up has lasted for a few months now and just seems to be getting worse. She is now bathed 1-2 times per day because it seems to be the only relief that Lucy can get. Her back (from neck to tail) is dry, red, flaky and extremely itchy and sensitive to the touch. My parents have tried bathing her LESS and the problem gets worse. The vet said that we could keep doing the cortizone shots, but the shots would shorten her life. (My parents feel so bad for her at this point, that they are willing to do it if nothing else can be done.) Have you heard of this condition and is there ANYTHING else we can try???

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Oct 02, 2013
Allergic to grass
by: Anonymous

This sounds a little odd, but my mini schnauzer is allergic to certain types of grass. He had lots of skin issues, especially on his legs and belly because it touched the type of grass I had in my yard.

It doesn't sound odd at all, many Schnauzers, especially Minis, have allergies to grass or pollen - including Max!

Aug 25, 2010
Skin Problem
by: Cindi

It seems that this is a severe allergy to something. Are there any canine allergy specialist in your area? Have you thought of acupuncture? Our 13 year old has skin problems and both of these helped him greatly...not perfect but very much improved. It could be the very food that you are feeding him he's allergic to.

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