Silver Schnauzers hair turning black - why?

by Vanessa Pagan
(Humble, Tx - USA)

Why is my silver schnauzers hair turning black? She has always had a pretty, silver coat.For the most part, she still does, however, there is a dark spot of hair on her back that just seems to have gotten larger with time. When she's dirty, it's very oily, and once we bathe her, of course, it's nice and fluffy again. Just curious ifbthis is a grooming thing, or because of her age.

Thanks for any information!!

V. Pagan

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Dec 06, 2014
Silver schnauzer turning black
by: Anonymous

My schnauzer is doing the same thing...did anyone find out why?

Sep 07, 2013
Silver hair turning black
by: Michele

Venessa.. I have no idea as my previous pepper and salt schnauzer had always been pepper and salt colour.. never had his hair turned black.. even now my 16 month old.. Benji .. has a pepper and salt colour coat.. ( grey & white with black in too ).. none of his coat is turning black.. they never get dirty or oily.. i suggest you ask your vet as there may be something under his skin that is causing his coat to turn black.. and then if there is it can be treated..

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