Should I get the schnauzer or not?


I live in Greece where it is a bit difficult to find a miniature schnauzer.
I found one amazing black silver male puppy that is 5 months old.
What do you think of getting him? I mean, will it be more difficult for me and for him to adjust since he is already 5 months old?

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Jan 28, 2012
Yes!!! Get the Schnauzer. You Won't Be Sorry!!!
by: Anonymous

I have a white mini schauzer and he is the greatest dog I have ever owned. He is super smart and loving. A little protective against strangers but great once he gets to know people. It is hard for him to be around small children that run and scream. I would think that the 5 month old schnauzer would still bond with you once he gets adjusted to you but if you have little kids you may want to start out with a younger schnauzer if this dog isn't yet used to kids. Otherwise go for the 5 month old little guy and enjoy him. I have never regreted getting my schnauzer and wouldn't trade him for anything. I've heard it said that schnauzer's have a "human brain" and mine lives up to that statement. Even my dad who wasn't a big dog fan loves my schnauzer so much that he gets on the floor with him. The funny thing is that I never thought about getting a schnauzer as a pet until my friend got one. Now I can't think of any other breed that I'd rather have. NOTE: Schnauzer's love to be with their owners and people the know. They love attention. They are fine playing outside but are best suited living indoors with their owner. The don't shed like other dogs & if you keep them clean they are great indoor pets.

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