shivering Schnauzer

by Nanny
(North dakota)

I just had my mini schnauzers hair clipped short, was getting so long & he was hot...never had it shaved short before,got home &he shivers all the time and acts so different, I feel bad for having it cut so short , is this normal

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Apr 27, 2015
mini schnauzer shivers when husband sneezes
by: julienne

is it normal for my mini schnauzer to shiver when my husband sneezes or when some loud machinery is working, like a leaf blower, she doesn't shake if I sneeze. We love her but she's quite demanding in regards to my husband playing with her, seems like every hour she wants to play, she's 2 1/2 years old.

Some Schnauzers, Max included, are hyper- sensitive to loud noises and start shaking when they hear them. You could try getting her used to louder noises gradually while she is still young.
Yes, Schnauzers love to play, if you stimulate them a lot, they will crave more. If your husband doesn't want to be pestered so often, then reduce the play sessions and ignore your dog when she becomes demanding.

Aug 27, 2013
Shivering is not normal
by: Joanna

Just wanted to add that, I agree, it is not normal for any dog to shiver, let alone to do it for attention. There are benign reasons a dog will shiver: cold, excited, fear. However, there can be medical reasons for shivering also, including heart problems, so a trip to the vet for a constantly or regularly shivering dog of any breed would be advisable. If he gets a clean bill of health, then it is a matter of trial and error, and input from your vet, to determine why they might be shivering.

Aug 27, 2013
Could be serveral things
by: Joanna

He's Cold! We have Had our Mini Schnauzers professionally groomed about every 4-5 weeks. This has applied to each and every one of them. We live in Arizona and it is very hot. My husband gets VERY hot when he sleeps, so for him to sleep at all he has to turn the air down to about 70 degrees at night when we sleep. Our boy sleeps in his crate in our bedroom with us on a deep cushion, and we put a fleece throw blanket in there with him to cuddle with. If we were very diligent (and a little more prosperous!) we would ideally get him bathed and groomed no more than every four weeks for sure. When we get a little remiss, and let him grow out too long because of scheduling conflicts, he might go 6 weeks between groomings. We always chastise ourselves when this happens, as he is clearly hot, and panting until his appt. Until we figured out how to take care of it, EVERY time one would come home from the groomer with his longer coat clipped, we would find that he was shivering in his crate in the morning and all curled up in a little ball. You could actually feel that he was cold. They would go outside and "sunbathe" for a bit and warm up. Right after we noticed this, long ago, we put a little cozy sweater on them before we put the air down at night for about the first three nights after his haircut. After that, they seem to acclimate to their new coat length, and if we leave the sweater off they are just fine. Even now, if we accidentally forget the sweater after a grooming appt, we find them shivering cold in the morning and huddled under his little blanket. We feel terrible when we forget. Our groomer is an outstanding Mini Schnauzer breeder, uses the standard length clipper sizes for each part of his body, and unless your dog looks like a hairless chihuahua I wouldn't think your groomer is doing anything wrong. It is nice to keep them groomed and short because, not only do they look handsome, but it keeps their coat from getting painful mats in it that can be horrible for him later if you want to get them out. In these cases you pretty much have to cut them out, so please don't stop having your MS groomed. In addition, a groomer will express their anal glands, clip their toenails, and clean the excess hair out of their ears. These are all important thing that need to be done if you aren't doing them yourself at home. If you feel uncomfortable with your current groomer, call your local Chapter of the Miniature Schnauzer Association and someone in your town will be more than happy to recommend a reputable groomer (and maybe even some advice about how you can help to keep their coat nice between grooming.) Hope this helps!

Apr 08, 2013
by: joann

hi nanny,you need to get him or her a sweater to keep him or her warm now because otherwise this dog may come down sick
best of luck for you and your puppy.

Apr 06, 2013
shivering snauzer
by: Christine & Rick

My Snauzer Mimi does this too, and its not because she's cold, its for attention, I just never noticed it either until I had her clipped

Apr 06, 2013
He's cold..
by: Michele

No it is not normal for a schnauzer to shiver.. and why don't you buy him a WARM COAT and put it on him.. how short has he been cut.. did your groomer clip his coat with the clippers " AGAINST THE GRAIN " as if so .. this is VERY WRONG.. as he has now lost his double coat, which would have been waterproof.. No wonder he is shivering, as before he had a lovely thick coat, which kept him warm, now he has been shaved and he is feeling the cold.. get him a coat to keep him warm and his body at the right temperature .. or he may get cold in his kidneys.
Schnauzers have to be carefully groomed to ensure they keep their wire coat.. If your groomer has clipped / shaved him against the grain, or clipped him right down, it's like you going out in the cold with just a tee-shirt and shorts on...

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