She won't stop licking - is something wrong?

by Amanda
(Sheerness, UK)

Details of your Schnauzer(s): Hi I don't know if you would be able to help, I have a 6 year old schnauzer. When i give her her food, she will eat it then start going mad, running after me and jumping up and licking.

She wont leave me alone, that will last for about 20 minutes. I don't know why she does it. Could there be something wrong with her? She is constantly licking me and going mad, as if there is something wrong.
I hope you can help me.

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Apr 28, 2011
I have two girls that are very different
by: Sharon D

I am a new owner of sister mini schnauzers. One is calm and round and one is hyper and skinny. The skinny one loves to kiss me (All the time). If I ignore her she will play but once I pick her up she starts kissing again. They both sleep with me and the skinny one cannot sleep unless I get a kissing bath beforehand.
Not certain if this is normal but since they're only 11 weeks I'll go with it for a while and then try to stop it.

Feb 19, 2010
Schnauzer Trait
by: Anonymous

Hi Amanda,
My schnauzer is 6 years old too and does this same thing. I don't think he is going mad - He is just trying to get his own way. Schnauzers are very good dogs that seem to know how cute and loved they are and tend to be spoiled. My schnauzer loves attention and loves to get his own way. :)
Your friend, Mary

Feb 18, 2010
No! Just very attached.
by: margee

I have had 3 schnauzers 1st boy did what you are saying, unless I stood next to him he would eat. My new pup also a male does the same thing unless I'm in sight he will eat, if I leave he follows. Now my female could care if I was there or not. Just give me food is what she wants.

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