Shaking Schnauzer Syndrome - anyone heard of it?

by Kathy
(South Carolina)

My 9 year old mini has been shaking his hind legs uncontrollably. Almost like his foot fell asleep and he's trying to "wake it up." So his vet did blood work yesterday and says his potassium and electrolyte levels are low. His back and hip xray was normal. His organs are functioning 100%. He is waiting for a neurology consult to see if Stewie has "Shaking Schnauzer Syndrome". Has anyone ever heard of this? We might also test for Addison's Disease. I can't find any info on the syndrome online. Any input would help put me at ease. Thanks!

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Dec 28, 2013
Shaking Schnauzer
by: Annie

Hi Kathy,

I have a 9 year old miniature Foxy and his back legs have always shaken. I was told it was because he is so hyperactive. (which he is) otherwise he is full of beans and very healthy.

Dec 28, 2013
Mini schnauzer shaking
by: MichelleT

Hi my 15month old schnauzer threw up about 5 times in a 12 hr period he was fine on Christmas Day except he was shivering while he slept, then Boxing Day at like 5pm we came home and found he had thrown up and peed in the house he seemed fine playing with his brother as normal, ate ok as well. Both of them haven't been so keen on their holistic food for the last week (they went to stay by the breeder for 5 days we were away and came back not liking their food). The vomiting stopped on the 27 th (so 5pm-5am he threw up like. 6 times) he came to greet me by my bed this morning and was shaking he also did a pee in the room (2nd pee in the house which isn't like him) help what is wrong! Like I said everything else is normal!

Nov 12, 2013
No relief....
by: Kathy

Hi Helen! It happens when he is already walking, then stops, and his hind leg (he alternates) starts an involuntary shake. Its identical to when a dog is having his belly rubbed and you hit "the spot" and their leg goes bananas.
Except he's on all fours and nobody is touching him. The steriod shot he was given has worn off and it has started again. The way our vet sounds, this is a schnauzer thing. I'm completely baffled!

Nov 10, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi Kathy ,

Our 12 year od dog , sometimes gets the shakes but we have always put it down to nerves or excitement. Generally he is very well and still very agile given his age. He appears happy and eats and sleeps well so we have never worried too much about it. Does your dog do the shaking all the time?

Kindest regards. Helen.

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