Shaking in my mini schnauzer

by Timarie Buhl
(Belgrade MT)

Our male Schnauzer Winston has started shaking all of a sudden. He's about 4 or 5 years old and was hit by a car about 2 years ago but recovered well with much medical help. He's never shown any signs that he's had issues because of this either. He has recently started to shake for no reason at any time and it's a pretty good shaking. He tries to hide under the beds in our house when this happens which he has NEVER done in the past and won't come out when called unless we offer him a treat. He doesn't seem to be in any pain but he is laying around more and not playing with his Schnauzer sister as much but still does have bursts of energy and is happy to see us and greats us. I haven't noticed him not eating (he's always been a few pieces of dog food here and there type of fellow) he's drinking good and as far as I know he's voiding and eliminating his bowels with no issues. I have found him in our bathroom in a corner sleeping on the rug also which is a odd behavior too. He just seems to not be his normal self and is a little off. I've been googling his symptoms and everything is the worst of the worst so I'm here to see if anyone has seen this or experienced it with their mini Schnauzer's? He will be seeing the vet tomorrow but I'm looking for information before the visit to help ease my concerns. Winston is not just a dog as many of you know he is a HUGE part of our family and I'm scared something major is wrong with him and I cannot imagine having to lose him after what we went through when he was hit. It was the worst experience our family has ever went through with a pet. Winston is still VERY young and I'm hoping someone can help me or give me info. My email is if anyone has any info for me

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Jan 26, 2017
by: Linda and Max

Sorry to hear about Winston's changed behaviour.
We are not medical experts, but a couple of things which come to mind is that, firstly,you should get him checked out to make sure he hasn't had a mini stroke.
Schnauzers can be extremely sensitive dogs and at times nervous. There has obviously been a behavioural change in Winston, which could be a delayed reaction to the accident. The symptoms are more common in older dogs.
He is eating and drinking, which is good. I would be tempted to try him on melatonin (or other natural sedative) to calm down his nerves. We give this to Max before Bonfire Night over here in the UK when there's lots of fireworks and loud noises.
Try him and let us know how you get on -you may only have to put him on for a limited period -week to a month - to calm him down and then he may be OK.
Good luck.

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