Severe hot spot on schanuzer tail. He won't eat - help

by Scott Marcus
(Eureka, CA)

I adopted a 5 yr old mini schnauzer who's wonderful. Yesterday, he went into a severe funk, wouldn't eat, and wouldn't even take a walk. We noticed he was biting under his tail a lot.
When we checked him out, thinking it was the anal glands, he let out a horrible yelp.

We took him to the vet today and it's a severe hot spot/inflamed area under his tail. The vet gave him a shot, put him in the "cone of shame" and said that he thinks he's not eating due to the pain, which should vanish in a few days.

However, he warned me that if he doesn't start eating, we might need to bring him back in. He'll eat if we feed him and he'll drink if we remove his cone and put the water bowl in front of him.

Anything I can do to help him out? I feel so bad for him.

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Oct 19, 2011
We had the same problem
by: Kristy

Our 6 yr old schnauzer has the same thing going on right now. He went to the vet 5 days ago, he wasn't eating, didn't want to go outside and wasn't playing with our two other dogs. Vet gave him antibiotic and cream to put on sore, also he has to wear the cone of shame :( Our poor baby hates that thing (he sat up the whole first night he had it on) We also had to bring his food and water to him the first few days. Today he is doing much better, eating on his own and even playing with the other dogs. We try to take the cone off if we are close by (to make sure he doesn't scratch) and that seems to improve his demeanor too. So long story short, he will be fine in a few days. Try taking the cone off when its time to eat but make sure you stay close by to stop him from scratching. Good Luck!!

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