Se Please to Have Found Other Schnauzer Lovers!

by Bronte Rees
(Swansea, UK)

WELL! I am so very pleased to have come across this site while googling Schnauzers....I was beginning to think I was a lone Schnauzer enthusiast in this world :( !

I bought my Mini, Bane, 3 years ago for (a bargain price of) £350. Back then he was a teeny tiny ball of fur and I fell in love instantly. I have to admit I had been ignorant about Schnauzers and had bought the pup on a whim.
It has to be THE best decision of my life. My boyfriend just doesnt understand why I have to bring Bane EVERYWHERE and spend so much money and time on him. I absoloutly adore him :)!
He is so loving, intelligent and funny. Even when I'm in bed at night with a novel he will jump up and lay right across the book to get my attention.
So thank you (and Max!) SO very much for setting up this website! Its wonderful and a new edition to 'My Favourites'.

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