scratching schnauzer

by Deb

I recently adopted a schnauzer, appx 5 days later he started scratching incessantly. I counted him turning around on his bum 30 times. Took him to vet, we changed his food, still this went on. Took him to vet again and he was put on steriods.Findly I called prior owner and was told, the dog had had allergy testing and skin scraping yet nothing turned up to tell why he was scratching. Prior owner finally figured out the dog was reacting to dust mites and if she kept dog on a product like Frontline (walmart carries a similar one) the scratching stopped. Ive since heard many times about dogs scratching from dust mites but little info is on the internet for people . Id like to get this info out there for all these dog owners who cannot come up with anwsers to the dogs problems

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Oct 03, 2015
Bum licking and chasing
by: Anonymous

It seems that this is a sign of food allergies. My 8 year old min schnauzer did this for a while and the first thing vets always check is the anal glands. Poor dog had anal glands emptied 9x in six months. Finally, one vet suggested prescription allergy dog food. Took about one week for symptoms to minimize and about six months where symptoms were almost gone. On prescription food for almost one year. Mostly symptoms dissipated, but every now and again there are flare ups.

Aug 03, 2015
Excessive scratching tail area
by: FAYE

Pepper my 3 years old mini schnauzer has the same problem scratching his tail area or bum excessively. I changed his diet of grain free no wheat or soy and make my own treats. Took him to the Vet, had steroid shot, it worked for two weeks and he started to lick his tail area again. I called the Vet he said to bring him in to have his glands expressed...I did and they were not full ( still licking ). Now the Vet said I need to have an allergy test done ( $300)... can not afford this test. I need help , does any one else have this problem and what did you do ? HELP!!!

We had this one, ask for a cortisone spray to spray on his bum. Hopefully you should not need to use it too much and it will solve the problem -it did for Max

Dec 08, 2014
very interesting - thanks for sharing
by: Linda

Thanks for that.
Max also had a problem at one time, he kept jumping up and biting his backside.
In the end the vet recommended a Cortisone spray for a few weeks and that did the trick.
He thought that was due to a localised allergy.
Mini Schnauzers are prone to skin problems and so it is useful to share this information, thanks and best wishes.

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