Schnoodle Puppies and Hybrid Vigor

Schnoodle puppies and other so-called 'designer dogs' are causing a big debate about hybrid vigor within the canine world at the moment.

If you're thinking about getting a Schnoodle, read the debate here and then make up your own mind. Schnoodle  - savior or scoundrel?

Schnoodle Puppies - Saviors or Scoundrels?

Some people think it's a great idea to create a dog by crossing two existing breeds.

When done responsibly, breeding is by design, that is between a deliberately chosen sire and dam. This proper parentage can give the crossbreed puppy the advantage of heterosis, or hybrid vigor.

The theory is that the puppy may be stronger and healthier as he is less likely to inherit the genetic faults of either purebred parent.

It's generally thought that this only applies to a first generation Schnoodle puppies - or F1 cross - that is purebred Schnauzer X purebred Poodle.

Designer Original!

Other people claim that there's no such thing as hybrid vigor.

There's no doubt that the huge rise in popularity of "designer dogs" like Schnoodles fuelled by the media has led to some unscrupulous breeders producing unsuitable puppies. One of the cute crossbreed schnoodle puppies

Poorly-bred Schnoodle puppies are more likely to inherit health problems from either parent than well-bred pure Schnauzers or Poodles.

One thing is certain - NOTHING is 100% certain with a crossbreed!

Most Schnoodles are non shedding and hypoallergenic, but no breeder can give you a cast-iron guarantee.

Odds are that even the other littermates didn't turn out looking and acting exactly the same as your dog. On the other hand, with a cross breed, you have the true designer original!

Hybrid Vigor – Does it Exist in Dogs?

Well, that depends on who you talk to…….

The concept of hybrid vigor (or hybrid vigour in the UK) is that a crossbred dog will be healthier than a purebred.

How wonderful it would be if you could take any 2 purebred dogs, cross breed them and automatically ensure hybrid vigor.

Unfortunately this is not the case.

Some say hybrid vigor is a result of carefully planned breeding based on studying the health and personality histories of the parent dogs going back several generations.

They also believe that it occurs only in first generation, or F1, crosses.

a mule shows hybrid vigor

Others are adamant that hybrid vigor does not exist in crossbred dogs. That in fact the dog may inherit the health problems of either or both parents.

They claim that it is only possible with mixed breeding of unrelated animals, such as horse and donkey to produce a mule. It’s fair to say the jury’s still out on this one - you'll have to make up your own mind!

Wonderful Pets

Like many other crossbreeds, Schnoodle puppies can and do make really wonderful pets.

Get to know the facts and if you decide a Schnoodle or other crossbreed is just the dog you're looking for, here are some useful tips when selecting a puppy -

Schnoodle Tips

  • Schnoodles do tend to have the personality type of one or the other of their parent breeds. Read all you can about the characteristics of the Schnauzer and and the Poodle - your dog will be a mixture of these. (Learn all about Schnauzers on this site).

  • Choose a responsible breeder and ask lots of questions. See our section on Finding a Good Breeder.

  • Make sure you see both parents (of the puppy, not the breeder!) Look at their size, coat and temperament.

  • Find out whether the Schnoodle puppies are First Generation crosses. If not, what crosses are the parents?

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